I took M to her first swimming lesson (in NZ) on Tuesday morning.

She was in a class of two(!) and seemed to be getting along okay, but was definitely less confident than I’ve seen her in the past. She was also getting used to wearing goggles for the first time – her instructor had told me that she would need goggles (she hadn’t back home), so I popped out to the front desk and bought some, and was then trying to tighten them when the instructor told me to give them to her. I assumed, incorrectly, that she would fit them on Megan. She didn’t – she just put them on her without adjusting them at all.

I was therefore, somewhat surprised when she called me over at the end of the lesson to say that Megan wasn’t very good at putting her head under water and would need to be put down a class.
Oh, and by the way her goggles might need tightening up a little.

Hmmm. Loose goggles equals water in eyes. Might not that have something to do with M not being so good at putting her head under water???

So, we now have to go to another class – different day, much more difficult time (i.e. M will need to eat her lunch in the car before going straight to kindy). Rather annoyed with the instructor, especially considering there were only two in the class, it was her first lesson, clearly problems with the goggles, and Megan wasn’t really that far behind the other little girl.

K took A to his first lesson later in the day, and A got on rather well, I’m relieved to say. This, combined with the fact he’ll be swimming every day for the next ten school days, hopefully means that he’ll start to improve a bit more quickly 🙂 .

Sorry about having a bit a rant this evening! I think I’m a bit tired, so heading to bed…

Aidan’s blog is now up and running, by the way… Enjoy!


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