Tea tea tea

You would think that making a cup of tea is one of the simplest things in the world. How many million cups of tea are made across the world every day? All you need to do is:

1) Pour some boiling water over some tea leaves.
2) Wait for a few minutes.
3) Remove tea leaves from water.
4) Add milk, sugar, or lemon to taste.
5) Drink.

Such a straightforward procedure – how could it go so (sometimes horribly) wrong???

For example, we stopped for a cup of tea and an ice-cream, having come down from an exceptionally windy One Tree Hill last week. They did go down the tea pot route. Plenty of places don’t (the flavour of tea made in a mug isn’t quite so good, but it’s okay other than that!).

Our two pots of tea arrived over five minutes apart, but each followed the same pattern: a pot full of hot water; a small saucer containing loose tea leaves, and no teaspoon. So firstly, you have to try to manoeuvre all the tea leaves into pot without spilling them all over the table. Then you have to hope that the water is somewhere close to being hot enough to actually infuse the tea leaves (it wasn’t of course!). Then, if you wanted to top the pot up – the “hot” water jug was just that – a jug. There was no lid.

There have been similar tales of woe, but the one that really took the biscuit was when we found ourselves in McDonalds during the first week of our stay (no food back at the house, traffic jams and two kids desperate for the loo…). We ordered the kids some food, and ourselves a cup of tea. Their procedure was:

1) Take a paper cup;
2) Half-fill said cup with chilled milk;
3) Top up with boiling water (they got the “boiling” bit right at least);
4) Place cup on bench and go and look for a lid;
5) Put the lid on the cup;
6) Prepare the food;
7) Place the “beverage” on the tray;
8) Go find the tea bags;
9) Put it on the tray beside the cup;
10) Hand tray to customer.

By the time we got the tray to the table, the liquid was not even luke warm, unsurprisingly, the addition of the tea bag had no effect on the colour of the liquid at all.

That one went back.

I’m beginning to feel a bit like the king in AA Milne’s “The King’s Breakfast“… Nobody, surely, could call me a fussy person, but all I ask is that my tea is made with boiling water poured over tea leaves, with no milk added in advance. Is that really too much to ask???


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