Views, scooting, and tea.

1) We live on one side of the (river) Forth Valley, and on clear days we can see from Stirling to Edinburgh and further. Today was such a day, and I deliberately walked home from school a way that I knew would afford good views.

As I appreciated the scenery, I was reminded of a little incident that occured when I was coming down the front stairwell in the kids’ school last week. From the top of that stairwell, you can see over the top of all the houses across to the other side of the valley and, as I was coming downstairs I happened upon two little boys who had paused in their errand to admire the view:

“Wow, you can see the whole world from here!” said one to the other 🙂 .

2) On the walk home from school, I turned the corner away from the school into a quieter lane. Away from all the people, the dad who had been walking a little ahead of me pushing his child’s now empty scooter, suddenly jumped on it and sped off into the distance.

3) I very much enjoyed a cup of steaming hot tea, after a cold walk through the winter sunshine.

Coffee morning, non-walk, and surprise meeting.

1) A huge dining room table, laden with plates of cupcakes, layer cakes, muffins, shortbread, chunky chocolate chip cookies, and pots of tea and coffee. The room was full of laughter and chatter.

2) It started to rain, and we were both tired, so we abandoned our walk and went back to the warmth of the house, a comfy sofa, and a cup of hot tea.

3) K has been in Bangkok all week.  Before he left we were surprised and delighted to learn that our brother-in-law (resident in New Zealand) was going to be there at exactly the same time. They had dinner together on the day K arrived.  A couple of days ago, we learned that a friend of ours (resident in Zambia) was just leaving home for a few days in Bangkok!  Imagine our surprise!  They met up for dinner this evening 🙂 .

Caravan, thanks, and afternoon.

1) We had a lovely afternoon visiting friends at their caravan.  The kids had a fab time exploring all the nooks and crannies and cool features of the caravan – come to think of it, it was probably the first time they’ve been in one, so very exciting!

2) K and I gave the children’s talk at church this morning. When preparing, we’d done our best to keep it short and simple. So many people came up to us afterwards to express their appreciation of it :-).  At least we know the adults got the point… and we can relax for another year!

3) To spend a rainy Sunday afternoon, curled up on the sofa, drinking tea, knitting, and watching the BBC2 documentary Pride and Prejudice: Having a Ball – it was fascinating stuff!

A short walk, a longer walk, and tea.

1) To realise I can buy the item I need with a short and sunny walk along the High Street in the town that I am visiting, rather than driving to the next town, paying to park the car, and then walking to the shop there.

2) At lunchtime, my friend calls… “I’m giving in to temptation, can we go for that walk after all?”.  We enjoy a brisk one hour walk, then go our separate ways back to the things we should be doing on this sunny afternoon.

3) I come home tired from the meeting, to be greeted at the door by K with a hot cup of tea.

Proud, Sleep, and bed.

1) Mum and I went to watch M at her ballet class Parent’s Day this afternoon.  We were both extremely impressed with her dancing, and then extremely surprised and proud at the end when she was awarded the class trophy for the most improved child 🙂 .

Megan Ballet TrophyMy graceful girl

2) Neither child could get to sleep this evening – both were lying quietly, but wide-awake long past their bedtime. So I produced warm milk, and read a story, and dimmed the lights, and put some music on.  They were both sound asleep next time I checked.

3) A hot cup of tea, in a cosy warm bed. A lovely end to a busy day.

Remembered, tree, and organised.

1) The hairdresser brings me a hot cup of tea.  She remembered how I take from the last time I was there.

2) The kids and I decorate our Christmas tree – I think it’s the first time I’ve seen them really take care of how they placed the decorations, trying to work out the nicest branch on which to hang them, and not to overload the tree with baubles.  They’ve done a lovely job!


3) I spend the evening wrapping presents.  I don’t think I’ve been this organised in years!

Walking, water, and evening.

1) In the middle of a vast cloud, I spotted part of a rainbow. The wind was strong, but the air was warm. I walked home the long way, and arrived home moments before the rain began in earnest.

2) Hidden away from the road lies a grassy leafy creek. Today it was rushing, full of water, which nearly reached the height of the bridge.

3) Crispy, toffee and apple biscuits. A cup of tea. Good friends.

Dry, evening stroll, and good to be home.

1) Despite the threatening rainclouds, and occasional drops of rain, I walked to pick the kids up from school. I was glad I did, the rain held off, and we had a pleasant walk home.

1b) Today’s rainbow count: 2.

2) A starlit (if I looked beyond the streetlights) walk gave me time and space for reflection.

3) This evening’s meeting went well, but I was glad to get home for a cup of tea.

Coffee morning, rainbows, and Friday night curry.

1) My coffee date with a friend segued neatly, although unexpectedly, into a second coffee with another friend.  All while enjoying being part of the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning for Macmillan Cancer Support.

2) Today’s alternating rain and bright sunshine meant that I saw at least five rainbows.

3) It’s Friday and, after a busy stressful week, we decided that our planned dinner (chicken and chorizo paella) was too much like hard work (it’s an intensive hour and a half from start to finish) so we set the defrosted chicken thighs and legs to poach (once cooked they will form the basis of a chicken and leek lasagne next week), and then K heads out to pick up some curry 🙂 .

On time, it’s okay, and to bed.

1) I make the train, and I didn’t even have to run!

2) We walk, and we talk. And it doesn’t seem to matter very much that it rained the whole time.

3) By bedtime I’m feeling tired, and my nose is all stuffy.  I’m glad to know that I have a warm cosy bed, and a hot drink awaiting me upstairs.  G’night xx