I just realised today that the daffodils in my garden back home must be out by now. I love the springtime flowers in the UK – the vast golden seas of daffodils in particular. I miss them.

Aidan had his school swimming sports today and we went along to cheer him on. There were about eighty kids in all, and they each swam two races against seven others of similar ability. Aidan came second in the backstroke race and he won the freestyle! From the kid who could barely put his head under water a few short weeks ago, to winning races!! Wow! I’m a very proud Mummy tonight!

Aidan is missing home, in particular his grandparents and uncles and aunties. I suspect the trigger today was saying goodbye to one of his little school friends, who is heading off to Japan for a couple of months to spend time with his grandparents (see we are not the only crazy people who pick up and move thousands of miles away for a few months!). He tells me that he prefers his school here though!

Megan is such a chatterbox! I was listening to her describing something at great length to her Daddy earlier, and thinking that she’s come on so much recently!

We spent Saturday taking the ferry over to Devonport and then scrambling over rocks and through the tunnels at North Head – lots of fun, especially if you are a small boy who is interested in everything! Church on Sunday morning, and then we went up the Sky Tower in the afternoon.

We’ve been waiting for that perfect weather day to go up the Sky Tower – and it was SO worth the wait! The views were incredible – we could see the Coromandel Peninsula really clearly, and some of the further flung islands in the harbour, and the Waitakere Ranges. Just stunning. K and I have a little plan that, as a special treat, if we can find a babysitter, we will take ourselves up to Orbit – the revolving restaurant in the tower for dinner one evening before we leave. I imagine the city lights will be quite something too!