Catching up, asleep, and making monday 4

1) To stand in the sunshine and share the news from the weekend.

2) As I say goodnight to the kids, I remind them that it is sleep time and they should ignore each other and go to sleep. To my great surprise, they do and are sound asleep in less than fifteen minutes.

3) To receive a parcel in the post containing this little bundle of loveliness:

All sorts of yummy colours, so silky soft, that I cast on immediately. We’re going to a wedding on Saturday and M absolutely needs a sparkly bag to go with her red sparkly dress, doesn’t she?!

My other recent makes have included a vegan chocolate cake and a batch of chocolate brownies. But to see some others, check out Natalie’s blog – how I wish I’d had time to visit her stall at the Quilt Championships this weekend!