Two of us, rising moon, and together.

1) A and I went to the library, then to Hobbycraft this afternoon. It was lovely having some “just the two of us” time. And nice that he’s still at the age to be happy to chat about his day and what he’s been up to.

2) To discover that the moon, which had just risen, was now a great golden orb hovering just above the horizon, in the early evening sky. Beautiful.

3) I’ve had some fabric stashed away for ages, awaiting its transformation into a bag.  My friend also had some fabric for a similar reason. This evening she came round, and we began the tiresome job of marking out the pattern on the fabric. Somehow doing it together made it a whole lot less frustrating, and a whole lot more fun 🙂 .

Cookies, bacon, and square.

1)  Yesterday I made twice a baker’s dozen worth of soft and chewy chocolate chip cookies. They were gone within a matter of minutes. Eaten (for the most part) by a horde of hungry teenagers… we did save four though, one for each of us.

2) The smell of cooking bacon permeated the house, rapidly bringing the children to the table for dinner.  I had to cook the whole packet though, and a couple of extra rashers somehow managed to sneak their way into the top of the fridge before anyone else noticed… I see a yummy brie and bacon sandwich lunch in the near future!

3) I used up some odds and ends of yarn, making a stripey square.  The result is a very pleasing combination of muted colours.

Proud mummy, experimenting and still there.

1) Today I came across this post from three years ago, wherein Aidan is awarded a “Superstar” for writing a story. On the main school noticeboard today was a copy of the story A wrote last week – he’s been awarded a “Good Work Star” for it!

We’ll get the story scanned in and up on the kid’s blog later this week, if you are interested in actually reading it!

2) A’s favourite playtime snack is a Mixed Berry Fruit and Oat bar, but everywhere I go to buy them is out-of-stock. So I decided to have a go at recreating them… The basic recipe – whizz some oats, and make a mixed berry jam (blackberries, strawberries, and sugar). Strain the jam to remove the bits, and mix with the oats. Press into a baking tray and bake. The result was surprisingly good, although I’ll increase the fruit to oat ratio next time I think.

3) Accidentally closing the tab containing this post, going to Recently Closed Tabs, re-opening it and discovering that nothing has been lost!

New term, clever girl, moon, and Making Monday 9.

1) We walk to school on the first day of the new term, in the sunshine. The kids are both glad to be going back 🙂 .

2) M comes home from gymnastics and demonstrates a cartwheel, a handstand, a bridge, a forward roll and a backward roll (to standing). I’m very impressed!

3) The moon was low and large, highlighted with a delicate golden light. Just glorious.

I haven’t done a Making Monday post for quite some time so, as this weekend was mostly about baking (Nowegian mountain bread), experimenting (with making pesto), creating (chaos in the kids bedroom, and then tidying it up again) and making (plans…), and I don’t have any pics of any of that, I thought I would show you this blanket I made for Aidan a wee while ago – it’s so warm and snuggly, and very easy to make:

and the complete set of scarves and bags I made for various little friends…

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Unexpected, happy boy, and Making Monday 7.

1) An unexpected text results in a very nice morning coffee with a friend. All the kids were at school, so we had time to chat 🙂 .

2) A arrives home from school, happy, full of news, and justifiably proud of himself.

3) Crisp and chewy, home-made peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies – everyone seemed to enjoy them! My other Monday Make is continuing to design my pattern for the little knitted bags I’m making.

The birthday girl, a glass of bubbly, and cake (Making Monday 6)

1) Happy sixth Birthday to my precious Megan…

2) K and I enjoy our traditional glass of bubbly (well, I did do most of the hard work six years ago!) and reminisce about what happened six years ago today.

3) We made a three-tiered birthday cake for Megan this year – the bottom, chocolate tier was for her party on Saturday, the middle, vanilla, tier was for the family yesterday, and the top tier (also chocolate) was for the four of us today. Unsurprisingly, the top tier remains uncut!

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Making monday 5, something yummy, and asleep

1) For the last ten days I have been carefully nurturing Herman, even taking him away with us for the weekend, so that I could look after him properly… Today, I ensured the future of the species and gifted his progeny on to various other people, and the part which remained, was added to and became:

What am I talking about? Herman the Friendly Cake of course! I love this concept 🙂 and I’m looking forward to trying the result!

2) She turned up with a box of soft and delicious flapjack, glazed with gingery icing – yum!

3) Despite resisting hard for a couple of hours, all finally went quiet as the kids fell asleep.

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Catching up, asleep, and making monday 4

1) To stand in the sunshine and share the news from the weekend.

2) As I say goodnight to the kids, I remind them that it is sleep time and they should ignore each other and go to sleep. To my great surprise, they do and are sound asleep in less than fifteen minutes.

3) To receive a parcel in the post containing this little bundle of loveliness:

All sorts of yummy colours, so silky soft, that I cast on immediately. We’re going to a wedding on Saturday and M absolutely needs a sparkly bag to go with her red sparkly dress, doesn’t she?!

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Free time! thirsty and making monday 3

1) I’m still surprised, whenever I walk past, to discover that the washing machine is doing what it’s supposed to do. By that I mean actually washing clothes. After six months of running repairs and coaxing the old one through every single wash, we decided it was past time to buy a new one. It arrived on Friday 🙂 🙂 .

2) The plants on my mantelpiece looked thirsty today, so I gave them a lovely long drink. They look much happier now.

3) This afternoon, my kitchen was filled with the aroma of Christmas. Yep, it was time to make this year’s supply of orange-scented cranberry mincemeat – yum! I’ve also been making progress on several of my knitting projects, but here’s today’s experiment – one side of a wee knitted bag for Megan…

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