Joy, a world of colour, triumph, and WIP Wednesday

1) There was a parcel in the post today for Megan. Her face lit up when she read the name and realised that it was for her.

2) All day long, I’ve been appreciating the beautiful golden world around me. Not so long ago it was mostly green, now golds and bronzes, reds and oranges have transformed it.

3) We celebrated Aidan’s triumph over his fear of the fire alarm this evening, with Chinese take-away. I’m so proud of him.

Today’s Work-In-Progress is this lacy waistcoat that I started knitting ages ago when I was first learning to knit using circular needles. But, having knit up to just beneath the armholes I wasn’t quite sure where I was going next, and I got distracted with other projects. But recently I got inspired again, and here it is – I’ve completed one side of the front, and I should complete the other this evening 🙂 .

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