Long walk, second run, and dinner.

1) A long walk in the autumn sunshine – all golds and greens, and clear blue skies.

2) A and I went for our second run – he was really keen to go, even though it was harder today – it was windy and cold. But it was good, and we’re both apreciating the time to chat.

3) A crisp toad-in-the-hole, made from left-over sausages barbequed in the summer and frozen.

Drive through the mountains, shower of leaves, and growing up.

1) Dad and I go for a drive today. The weather was unpromising initially, but we decide to go anyway. I’m glad we did – the Grampian Mountains were beautiful – autumn colours, and snow-capped peaks.

2) I glance up thinking that it is raining, then I realise that what I’m seeing is not rain, but a shower of red-gold leaves fluttering down from the trees.

3) A and I spend some time having a serious conversation (a “discussing a difficult issue” type of conversation, not a “telling-off”) this afternoon, while M is at Jazz dancing class. I realise that my wee boy is growing up.

I’m still here…

Hi there… I thought I’d better post to let you know that I haven’t vanished off the face of the Earth, or anything else untoward… life just got too busy.  Actually, it still is… but normal service will resume soon!  And I’ll be back with some update posts just as soon as I have time to write them.

Some beautiful things from today in the meantime:

1)  It’s been a beautiful autumn (until today, that is) – glorious sunshine, cold mornings disappearing into warm afternoons, clear views across the valley, the green around me becoming the vibrant reds, golds and russets of the autumn.

2) He’s tired this morning (he, being my friend’s little boy whom I have the pleasure of looking after for a few hours each week), so we sit on the sofa, and I read him some of A and M’s favourite stories.

3) The children are all playing happily in the next room.  We steal a few moments to go and sit down to chat, rather than hovering in the kitchen.

Joy, a world of colour, triumph, and WIP Wednesday

1) There was a parcel in the post today for Megan. Her face lit up when she read the name and realised that it was for her.

2) All day long, I’ve been appreciating the beautiful golden world around me. Not so long ago it was mostly green, now golds and bronzes, reds and oranges have transformed it.

3) We celebrated Aidan’s triumph over his fear of the fire alarm this evening, with Chinese take-away. I’m so proud of him.

Today’s Work-In-Progress is this lacy waistcoat that I started knitting ages ago when I was first learning to knit using circular needles. But, having knit up to just beneath the armholes I wasn’t quite sure where I was going next, and I got distracted with other projects. But recently I got inspired again, and here it is – I’ve completed one side of the front, and I should complete the other this evening 🙂 .

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Trees, one less trip, and growing up.

1) She gazes out of the window at the trees swaying gently in the wind and comments on the lovely colours of autumn.

2) K worked from home today, which meant I had several fewer taxi-runs to do 🙂 .

3) A appears wearing last year’s “winter pyjamas”. They are several centimetres too short. My little boy is growing up fast.

Golden streets, wobbly teeth, and having fun

1) Pavements blanketed so thickly with golden autumn leaves that the streets look paved with gold!

2) The excitement radiating from both kid’s faces when they race up to me after school and inform me that Megan has not just one, but two wobbly teeth!

3) K and I settle down to a fun evening of creating a (piranha) fish outfit for Aidan to wear to his fancy dress party tomorrow night.