Parcels, walking in the sun, and WIP Wednesday

1) I was reaching the point of feeling the need to send off a couple of emails regarding the non-delivery of two orders I’d placed last week. I’m glad I held off though, as one company came back to me yesterday and have now despatched the order, and the other order arrived today 🙂 .

2) An afternoon walk in the sunshine, along the canal towpath.

3) I’ve got several Works-in-Progress at the moment… I’ve cast on for Spring Project #3: Gardening Gloves, and knitted the first cuff. Although not photographed, I’ve made some progress on my Lacy Scarf (but, quite frankly, it doesn’t look much different than it did here)!
My third project, isn’t knitted, but I’m enjoying making it nonetheless – it’s a gypsy-style skirt for M, using some cute fabric I bought last week. My confidence in my sewing ability isn’t that great, but I’m having lots of fun! I’m contemplating giving it a red waistband, and perhaps even a red ruffle around the bottom…

Spring Project #3: Gardening Gloves
Gypsy-style skirt for Megan

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