Discussion, omelette, and to bed.

1)  An interesting discussion with friends about juggling (and yes, we even tried proper juggling) and finding balance in our lives.

2) Our milkman has started delivering eggs as well as milk, and we’ve taken advantage of this. Lunch was a delicious ham, cheese and chesnut mushroom omelette.

3) Zumba tonight was hard work (I assume I was just more tired than normal), but the walk home was refreshing, and I’m off to bed now 🙂 .

Long walk, second run, and dinner.

1) A long walk in the autumn sunshine – all golds and greens, and clear blue skies.

2) A and I went for our second run – he was really keen to go, even though it was harder today – it was windy and cold. But it was good, and we’re both apreciating the time to chat.

3) A crisp toad-in-the-hole, made from left-over sausages barbequed in the summer and frozen.

Morning, more time, and extra hour.

1) A morning to myself – I got all sorts of things done, and ticked off the list.

2) After lunch we went to the new Helix Park. While K and M went for a rollerblade session together, A and I went for a run. Afterwards, A said that he hoped we would do this regularly – that this way he gets to spend more time with me 🙂 .

3) The prospect of going to bed knowing that, as the clocks go back tonight, we’ll get a whole extra hour in bed tomorrow morning 🙂 .

Coffee morning, non-walk, and surprise meeting.

1) A huge dining room table, laden with plates of cupcakes, layer cakes, muffins, shortbread, chunky chocolate chip cookies, and pots of tea and coffee. The room was full of laughter and chatter.

2) It started to rain, and we were both tired, so we abandoned our walk and went back to the warmth of the house, a comfy sofa, and a cup of hot tea.

3) K has been in Bangkok all week.  Before he left we were surprised and delighted to learn that our brother-in-law (resident in New Zealand) was going to be there at exactly the same time. They had dinner together on the day K arrived.  A couple of days ago, we learned that a friend of ours (resident in Zambia) was just leaving home for a few days in Bangkok!  Imagine our surprise!  They met up for dinner this evening 🙂 .

Walk, chat, and bed.

1) My friend and I went for a good long walk this morning. It was dreich and drizzly, but we went anyway, and I was glad we did.

2) A stolen moment to chat, when K called from Bangkok.

3) To finally realise that I’ve finally done everything I needed to do, and can now go to bed 🙂 . Night night x

Walk, homework, and chat.

1) I decide to take the time for a quick walk this morning, before getting on with the rest of the day. I’m glad that I did, the rest of the day was quite full on!

2) The house is silent as A and M diligently work away at their homework.

3) I pop over to deliver something to my parents. It was lovely being able to spend time with them both away from the demands of everyone else 🙂 .

Walk, first birthday, and casting on.

1) The long walk in the fresh air finally cleared the headache that had been nagging away at me for the previous 36 hours.

2) We went along to the new icecream parlour to celebrate his first birthday. Given his first birthday present of the day was two new teeth, he wasn’t really feeling up to much, but the rest of us had a lovely time!

3) Casting on a new project is always exciting 🙂 . I love the feeling of looking at the balls of yarn, choosing the pattern, and then beginning to see it taking shape.

Smile, being there, and bees.

1) For the first time in a while I sat down to read some blogs. Most of them made me smile. Thank you!

2) In a return to routine, my friend and I headed out for a walk this afternoon. Our topic of conversation was not the happiest, but it was good to spend some time chatting, and being there for each other.

3) As I was out replenishing the bird feeder, I noticed that some bees were enjoying our garden…

BeesBees in the garden

Putting, evening walk, and moon.

1) The kids were keen to practise their putting, and spent ages hitting ball after ball. They worked hard, and are doing well 🙂 .

2) The night was so beautiful that, after dinner, we decided to go for an evening walk. I took everyone on one of my favourite walks – one that includes amazing views of the Forth valley, fields of horses (to delight a small girl), and a walk through the fields of the local farm.

3) The shadowy form of the moon rose high in the evening sky – the promise of the silver disc gleaming in clear skies of later hours.

Picnic, again, and summer sky.

1) A picnic lunch with friends, at a local country park we haven’t visited together in a couple of years. Reminicising about the times we used to walk there regularly when the kids were little more than toddlers – we walked round considerably faster today!

2) The spotless starling was back at the water fountain, having his daily bathe.

3) A stunning summer evening sky, streaked with pink and blue and gold, brought the day to a close.