Walking, a day at school, and contrast.

1) A long walk past fields full of sheep and lambs, flocks of birds take to wing as I pass by, and bunny rabbits hop across the road in front of me…

2) A regales me with stories of his day at school – I’m very impressed with how they’re learning about the “real world” – they were asked to identify their key strengths, and then “apply for a job” working in the area they feel they are best suited to. Then, in their team, they had to choose a facilitator for the group, and work out the detail of the tasks they need to perform. School sounds much more fun than it used to be!

3) I tried a variation on Primrose Bakery’s Blueberry and Polenta Cupcakes. I omitted the blueberries, instead adding small pieces of frozen lemon curd to the mix, thereby creating Lemon and Polenta cupcakes. Soft gooey mouthfuls of lemon provide a delicious contrast to the almost crunchy texture of the cupcakes – yum!