Weekend fun, and weekday madness

Wow – I can’t quite believe that it’s been more than a week since I last had time to blog. We had a fabulous weekend away at Solas Festival, and then M had her end-of-year dancing display on Monday and Tuesday nights…

So, we spent the weeknd doing this:

  and then there’s been rather a lot of both of these…

The kids have enjoyed doing some of this…

and there wasn’t as much of this as we anticipated!

Megan had lots of fun at her dancing display.  Her ballet class danced in
the candy stripe outfit to “Truly Scrumptious”, and
she was a ladybird in her tap performance of “Talk to the Animals”.

And here she is, all ready for the Finale 🙂 .  
And me?  Well, I’ve spent the last few days running around frantically, taxiing children from one place to the next, being chief hairdresser-cum-makeup artist, ensuring the correct outfits/uniforms are all ready and in correct order, and cleaning all the camping equipment. Thank goodness school breaks up for the summer holidays tomorrow!