Brave girl, all quiet, and fun outside.

1) Despite my warnings, M ran too fast on her way home from school on Friday afternoon. She fell, acquiring the worst set of grazes (8 plasters worth*, and that was just the ones which needed to be covered!) she’s ever had.  We weren’t far from home and, not once during the remaining walk, and the entire cleaning/dressing process, did she cry.  That’s my very brave girl!

2) On Saturday, we went to visit friends, after a fun trip to Dynamic Earth.  The kids all promptly vanished into the back garden and were barely heard from for over an hour 🙂 .

3) Bumping into friends unexpectedly at the Kinneil House Open Afternoon yesterday meant that the kids both had friends to do their activities with – a happy afternoon.

* 3 days on, and we’re down to just one!