It’s okay, breathe easy, and safe.

1) The house key is in the door and I’m outside de-icing the car.  M comes out shuts the door, and brings me the key. I take the key, we jump in the car and off we go 🙂 . Two hours later I return, put the key in the door, and realise that the door had been closed, but was unlocked*. Once again, I’m grateful that we live in a fairly safe neighbourhood!

2) When I head up to school at lunchtime, I can’t find my bag.  I don’t worry too much, reassuring myself that I must have put in down in an unusual place when I returned to the house earlier (cf 1)). Four hours later, I return… I look for my bag. And I can’t find it. I look some more, and I still can’t find it.  And I look still more, and I still can’t find it.  Did it somehow fall out the car in the shopping centre carpark this morning? Surely I would have noticed? I check the car for the third time.  And I find my bag.

3) I spend the afternoon in school helping to set up for tomrrow’s Christmas Fayre.  M’s teacher personally escorts her to the school hall and brings her to me. A little later, one of the playground assistants tells me that she’d been watching A as he left the school at lunchtime to come out to the car (he was coming home for lunch).  I’m so grateful for the diligence of the staff at the school, that they know my children, they know me, and they make sure my kids are safe 🙂 .

* Lessons in how to lock up the house properly commence tomorrow!!

** I’m seriously contemplating putting a fluorsecent stripe down the side – a small black bag is far too easy to lose!

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