Getting older, not-so muddy walk, and leftovers.

1) As the three of us work together to get lunch on the table, I reflect that my little ones are no longer quite so little. Sometimes I miss the days when they were small, but other times, like when we make lunch together, or we jump in the car and we all put our own seatbelts on, I realise I quite enjoy the fact that they are growing up!

2) “They won’t do you any good…” she said, as I put on my walking boots in preparation for a walk at Muiravonside Country Park, ” the mud will be up to your knees the whole way round!”.

We six set off anyway (with some trepidation; my friend and I comforting ourselves that washing machines really are rather useful).  We walked the longer route, and still never managed to find a patch of knee-deep mud 🙂 .

3) Sometimes the best dinners are the thrown-together ones.  We thawed some burgers left over from summer barbeques, smothered them in a creamy stilton sauce (made from a block of leftover stilton), and served them with a selection of roasted veg from the veggie drawers. Delicious 🙂 .