Baking, Found! and making the best of things…

1) I made homemade custard creams and jammie dodgers, sandwiching together little vanilla shortbread biscuits with either custard buttercream or jam, to feed the hungry hoarde on Sunday. They were a huge hit… including with A and M, so I think they will be made again in the very near future!

2) I had two leftover bananas today and decided to make them into a banana cake.  However, the recipe I wanted to use was one I remembered using three years ago, but which had been lost from my computer in the hard-drive crash.  After a bit of thought, and searching, I managed to find the right blog, with the recipe, and made the cake 🙂 .

3) The cake was a disaster! I’d followed the instructions precisely by putting all the ingredients in together. Unfortunately this resulted in the butter not being blended in very well (I should have put it in the food processor of course, but I was too busy worrying about the flood on the kitchen floor from the tap failing at that moment in time!) and, as the cake cooked, the butter melted and well… the result was not very cake-like.

However, K pointed out that it did retain the delicious flavour we remembered, and it made a wonderful banana pudding, some of which M enthusiastically ate for her supper!

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