Breakfast, present, and frogging.

1) As a treat, we decided to meet for breakfast, rather than coffee. Freshly scrambled eggs on wholemeal toast. Good friend, good food, good start to the day.

2) My Dad had requested a very specific present for his birthday. I went shopping today, and found precisely what I was looking for 🙂 . So nice to just walk in to the shop, find the ideal gift, and walk out again.

3) Last night, I frogged the cardi I’d started knitting for M. The edge just didn’t look right and I wasn’t at all happy with it. I spent some time on the internet figuring out how to get the edge right, practised it, and then pulled the whole thing off the needles, and rewound my yarn.

Today, I cast-on again and began to knit. This time the edge is looking lovely – I’m much happier now 🙂 .