In between, hair, and more about hair.

1) The day began and ended with high winds and blustery rain. In between, however, was quite nice.

2) a) My hair straighteners died this morning, in quite spectacular fashion… a loud bang, a flash of flame, and lots of black smoke. I turned them off.

b) They have lasted me many years however, and I’ve been sort-of expecting their demise for a while now.  It was quite fun this evening selecting a new pair from the myriad choices available. I’ve gone for a shiny red pair (which had great reveiws on all the sites I looked at). Downside: I’ll be wearing a hat all week until they arrive – my hair is pretty scary until it’s been tamed!

3) M protested about having to wash her hair this evening – she didn’t want to have her shower first, and she didn’t know how to get all the shampoo out of her hair. We discussed how one can tell when one has got all the shampoo out, particularly using the “water running clear” method.

She proceeded to take a lovely long shower, having procured two plastic cups for use in scientifically determining how clear the water was – firstly by collecting the water running out of her hair in one cup when she first started rinsing, and then by collecting water in the second cup, when she thought she’d rinsed enough. Whatever she did worked – she now has clean, soap-free, hair 🙂 .

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