New, out to play, and easy.

From Tuesday:

1) I went to a new hairdresser this morning – and feel like I’ve had a proper haircut for the first time in over a year 🙂 . Now I’m wondering why I stuck with the last one for so long given that, nice as she was, she really didn’t understand my hair.

2) “What time do I need to come home, Mummy?” . It’s lovely that the kids are so keen to get out and play with their friends, they’ve beeen having a lot of fun recently.

3) Our new system meant that this evening, when we tired and hungry, we were able to go to our List of Meals, and quickly find something to cook for dinner.

In between, hair, and more about hair.

1) The day began and ended with high winds and blustery rain. In between, however, was quite nice.

2) a) My hair straighteners died this morning, in quite spectacular fashion… a loud bang, a flash of flame, and lots of black smoke. I turned them off.

b) They have lasted me many years however, and I’ve been sort-of expecting their demise for a while now.  It was quite fun this evening selecting a new pair from the myriad choices available. I’ve gone for a shiny red pair (which had great reveiws on all the sites I looked at). Downside: I’ll be wearing a hat all week until they arrive – my hair is pretty scary until it’s been tamed!

3) M protested about having to wash her hair this evening – she didn’t want to have her shower first, and she didn’t know how to get all the shampoo out of her hair. We discussed how one can tell when one has got all the shampoo out, particularly using the “water running clear” method.

She proceeded to take a lovely long shower, having procured two plastic cups for use in scientifically determining how clear the water was – firstly by collecting the water running out of her hair in one cup when she first started rinsing, and then by collecting water in the second cup, when she thought she’d rinsed enough. Whatever she did worked – she now has clean, soap-free, hair 🙂 .

Cleaning, hair cut, and FO Friday

1) It took three of us two solid hours of work, but the cupboard was clean and tidy by the end of it (and minus the thick layer of builder’s dust which had covered everything).

2) Hair cut day today – I had about 10cm of length removed, and I’m really happy with the result 🙂 .

3) It’s Friday, and I have a Finished Object to show you today.  M’s ballet class have insisted that they wear their hair tied back, preferably in a bun, for class. So I quickly knitted up this little snowflake bun cover for her hair. Below is a pic of the ballerina herself!

Snowflake Bun Cover

  “Take a picture of me pointing my toes, Mummy!”

How could I refuse?!

Need inspiration for you own knits?  Head on over to Tami’s blog for more of today’s FO Friday’s .

Blue sky, hair cut, and cute girl

1) A solitary bird soars high in the evening sky – a graceful dancer on the breeze, highlighted against the pale blue sky.

2) To lose rather a lot of hair – very suddenly.  My head feels deliciously light and cool!

3)  A cute girl appears downstairs “I still can’t get to sleep…”.  Just as well she is cute…!

Haircut, discussions, and doorbell.

1) A long-overdue haircut – my hair feels so soft and smooth this evening 🙂 .

2) The long and involved technical discussions between the naturally dark-haired, but bleached blonde, girl and the two hairdressers – how to return to a more natural colour? At times I was, somewhat unwittingly, involved in the discussions. I love being in a small local hairdressers, rather than the more “professional” salons up in town.

3) The doorbell rang twice this evening, and neither time was someone requesting money. The first, a friend returning something I’d lent to her. The second, a rather exciting looking parcel.

E-cloths, Drips and Cute girls!

1) Clean floors! I can thoroughly recommend my new E-cloth mop – it’s super-effective, and easy to use 🙂

2) Drip drip drip – not a tap, but outside 🙂

3) Bunches – after years of resisting anything being put into her hair, Megan came and asked me to put her hair into “two ponytails” this morning…

How cute is she?


This Auckland rain and humidity is wreaking havoc with my hair! Even my normal anti-frizz products don’t work for very long!

It’s raining. A lot. K would say it’s persisting down. It certainly is. And I can’t find my rain coat.