One of “those” days, golden ticket, and triple rainbow.

1) The man in the shop was remarkably cheerful for first thing on a Monday morning. He couldn’t have been more helpful, found and checked my package without delay, and I was on my way with all possible speed.

In sharp contrast, the girl in the next shop was battling computer, phone and card reader as she tried to sort out the customer at the front. With a weary sigh, she turned to the next customer, who wanted to return an item. Finally, she turned to me, apologised for the delay and remarked that it was already shaping up to be one of those weeks. I smiled at her “no problem”, and was glad that I was buying one item, with cash. I hope her week improves.

2) M bounced out of school “I’ve got some very exciting news Mummy… I was awarded a golden ticket today!!”. It transpires that golden tickets are given by the playground monitors for acts of kindness and helpfulness.  M had been very helpful in closing gates, and tidying up, and she had also gone to the aid of one of her classmates who had hurt himself. That’s my precious girl!

3) On my way to pick up K this evening, I spy a beautiful bright rainbow – a perfect bow in the sky. Upon looking closer I see there is an almost-complete double rainbow, and a barely-visible third rainbow at the left hand side. Wow!

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