One of “those” days, golden ticket, and triple rainbow.

1) The man in the shop was remarkably cheerful for first thing on a Monday morning. He couldn’t have been more helpful, found and checked my package without delay, and I was on my way with all possible speed.

In sharp contrast, the girl in the next shop was battling computer, phone and card reader as she tried to sort out the customer at the front. With a weary sigh, she turned to the next customer, who wanted to return an item. Finally, she turned to me, apologised for the delay and remarked that it was already shaping up to be one of those weeks. I smiled at her “no problem”, and was glad that I was buying one item, with cash. I hope her week improves.

2) M bounced out of school “I’ve got some very exciting news Mummy… I was awarded a golden ticket today!!”. It transpires that golden tickets are given by the playground monitors for acts of kindness and helpfulness.  M had been very helpful in closing gates, and tidying up, and she had also gone to the aid of one of her classmates who had hurt himself. That’s my precious girl!

3) On my way to pick up K this evening, I spy a beautiful bright rainbow – a perfect bow in the sky. Upon looking closer I see there is an almost-complete double rainbow, and a barely-visible third rainbow at the left hand side. Wow!

Physio, umbrella, and staying in.

1) To finally start physio to resolve my neck and shoulder problem, and while I’m in more pain than usual tonight, I’m very grateful to have access to physio, and I feel that I’m finally on the road to healing 🙂 .

2) A was at Rotakids, so M and I walked home from school alone this afternoon. The expected grumbles about walking home in the rain, were much alleviated by a bright and beautiful rainbow, and the appearance of her Hello Kitty umbrella!

3) K sent a text, and then said he’d sent in his apologies. I had a warm shower, took some pain killers, and curled up on the sofa, while K went out to pick A up from Cubs. Thanks my love xxx

Walking, water, and evening.

1) In the middle of a vast cloud, I spotted part of a rainbow. The wind was strong, but the air was warm. I walked home the long way, and arrived home moments before the rain began in earnest.

2) Hidden away from the road lies a grassy leafy creek. Today it was rushing, full of water, which nearly reached the height of the bridge.

3) Crispy, toffee and apple biscuits. A cup of tea. Good friends.

One week in October.

In no particular order, here are some beautiful things from last week (beginning 8 Oct):

1) It was my beautiful little girl’s seventh birthday on Wednesday. We had friends round for birthday tea – after which we lit a Chinese lantern and watched it drift away across to the Ochils – the kids loved it.

2) In the evening of M’s birthday, K surprised me with a mini bottle of champagne 🙂 (after all, I was the one doing most of the work all those years ago!).

3) On Tuesday I ran away from all the madness surrounding me at home, and spent a lovely few hours in Edinburgh with a friend. It was a glorious autumn day, the views were wonderful, we had a lovely walk through the Meadows, and enjoyed coffee and cake in the National Museum brasserie.  A welcome escape from reality.

4) Before I went home, K popped out during his lunch hour, and we sat outside (yes, it really was warm enough) at Victor Hugo’s cafe on the Meadows, and ate lunch together. Uninterrupted by children.

5)To finally complete the skirt I shelved at the start of the summer – I really enjoyed wearing it for the first time.

6) I sewed three skirts for three special little girls.  And I still have Megan’s to complete.

7) Friday was hard. But in the midst of all the heartache and pain, a butterfly flitted about, and a rainbow appeared. During the church service before the committal at the crematorium, the Linlithgow Rugby Club Male Voice Choir gave the most beautiful and moving renditions of The Rose that I have ever heard.

Dry, evening stroll, and good to be home.

1) Despite the threatening rainclouds, and occasional drops of rain, I walked to pick the kids up from school. I was glad I did, the rain held off, and we had a pleasant walk home.

1b) Today’s rainbow count: 2.

2) A starlit (if I looked beyond the streetlights) walk gave me time and space for reflection.

3) This evening’s meeting went well, but I was glad to get home for a cup of tea.

Shopping, quick, and bedtime.

1) My friend and I both happened to be heading to the supermarket after dropping the kids at school today.  As we walked up and down the aisles, our paths frequently criss-crossed – it made an otherwise mundane shopping trip a whole lot more fun!

2) K was out for dinner this evening, so I throw some homemade honey and wholegrain mustard sauce over some pasta, with chicken and sweetcorn. Simple comfort food.

3) “We know what you are about to say, Mummy!” says A.

“What am I about to say?” I reply.

Two small voices say in chorus “Stop talking and go to sleep!”.

“That’s right!” I say.  “Now do it!!”.

They did.

The End.

Coffee morning, rainbows, and Friday night curry.

1) My coffee date with a friend segued neatly, although unexpectedly, into a second coffee with another friend.  All while enjoying being part of the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning for Macmillan Cancer Support.

2) Today’s alternating rain and bright sunshine meant that I saw at least five rainbows.

3) It’s Friday and, after a busy stressful week, we decided that our planned dinner (chicken and chorizo paella) was too much like hard work (it’s an intensive hour and a half from start to finish) so we set the defrosted chicken thighs and legs to poach (once cooked they will form the basis of a chicken and leek lasagne next week), and then K heads out to pick up some curry 🙂 .

Autumn light, playing in the park, and WIP Wednesday

1) The sun shimmers through the leaves of the tree bearing the first autumn colours, and the whole tree seems to glow in the sunlight. Later, the shyest of rainbows appears briefly, before disappearing from view.

2) M and I spin on the roundabout, feeling the breeze in our hair, and watching the world go round. Then we swing higher and higher, before slowing to look for cloud pictures in the evening sky.

3) Progress is being made on my two major projects of the moment, my Wendy Tank Top, and the Hitchhiker shawlette.  I’ve completed the ribbing on the tank now, and am on to the main part of the body.  In Hitchhiker news, I’ve completed 22 of the 42 points.  Sounds good?  In terms of number of stitches to complete the garment, I’m not nearly halfway through – the real half-way point lies somewhere between points 29 and 30.  Sigh!

In other knitty-type news, I’ve finally cast-on Autumn Project #2 – Pompom handwarmers (sorry no pics, but my camera battery died right after I took the pic of the Hitchhiker – you’re not missing much though – just 10 rows or so of a P2, K3, P2 rib).  I also spent Sunday afternoon making a snowflake bun cover for M to wear to ballet class… But you’ll need to wait until Friday to see that!

For more of today’s Works-in-Progress, check out Tami’s blog

Rainbow, dramatic, and sold.

1) A delicate rainbow traces its way across a dark expanse of cloud, illuminating and hopeful.

2) The scene before me is dramatic – towards Edinburgh it’s dark and moody and the Ochils have hidden themselves in the gloom. Moving westwards, the power station, with the Ochils behind, looms out of the mist. Further west again, and Dumyat is bathed in a pool of sunlight.

3) The girl in the shop couldn’t have been more friendly and helpful. “… and I’d tell you if it didn’t look good!”, she said. Trusting her judgement, I bought the item.

Rainbow, cake, and easier.

From Monday:

1) Up ahead, the sky is relatively blue with only a few clouds. So I was a little surprised to see a delicate wisp of a rainbow tracing its way across the sky.

2) The house is filled with the warm spicy aroma of Christmas cake baking in the oven.

3) M is invited to join A’s Enjoyaball class, as it’s a games session. This not only makes life easier today (I’d endured an afternoon of continual arguing), but makes life easier tomorrow too, as she needn’t go to her own class.