WIP Wednesday 68

We were away at the weekend – heaps of fun, but not much time to knit!  With Wasabi, I’m almost back to where I was in the photo last week – having taking back a whole bunch of rows because I decided I wanted the buttonholes closer together.  I realised that I was knitting my ruffle scarf with the wrong edge, so took that out and restarted it too!  Check out my post from last week to see photos of those – they haven’t changed much!

I have started a new project though – my second attempt at a moebius shrug for M.  I’m knitting it ribbed – three rows of knit, three rows purl, and I quite like the effect – it certainly hides the cast-on edge reasonably well.

Ribbed moebius shrug - halfwayRibbed Moebius Shrug

That’s it from me today, but do check out what other people have been up to over at WIP Wednesday with Tami’s Amis, and visit Ginny’s Yarn Along.


7 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday 68

  1. I always feel much better when I fix an issue, despite it being a setback..I like the knit 3 purl 3 pattern..I think I have a large cowl in the pattern and it is delightful!

  2. Ick, ripping sucks but it’s definitely worth doing if you’d be unhappy with the project otherwise. I like your moebius, I made a couple using the same pattern. The bit I found hard was remember what row I was on, I’m so used to reading my knitting and that doesn’t work in quite the same way with that technique lol

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