KPC Module Four: Unit 7

Last night’s unit was the last teaching unit of the course! We were covering Ethics: Listeners’ Responsibilites in Context. This simply means that we are able to take care of ourselves, that we have sufficient sources of support around us, including proper professional supervision in line with COSCA’s guidelines, and that we are self-aware: able to know when/if we need to take some time out.

Part of the discussion this evening was aimed at encouraging us to identify our “replenishment network” – to know ourselves well enough, to understand our own needs, and how we replenish our resources.

To represent this, I knitted a net of stitches, reminding me of my support network – the family and friends around me, the activities I participate in, which allow me to replenish.

Tech Details

I formed this using the Filet Net Stitch pattern, found on New Stitch A Day.

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