KPC Module Four: Units 8-10

We’re nearly at the end of the course! Units 8-10 have been all about skills practice. It’s been a lovely experience actually, and I’ve really enjoyed it – we’ve been listening for longer than we’ve ever done before, and it’s been fun to realise how much you can accomplish with more time!

I’ve been really busy these last few weeks – we’re moving house imminently, and I was concerned about timings so I asked if I could complete the final course assignment and hand it in a couple of weeks early (in case I needed to make any ammendments). Happily my tutor obliged, and I wrote and handed in my essay a couple of weeks ago. She kindly read it, and has told me that it’s fine as it stands so, although I won’t get my final report for another couple of weeks, I’m reasonably confident that I’ve passed the course…

Tonight, we have our last skills practice, then on Saturday the course ends with a morning of giving our final presentations, and then lunch together.

To represent skills practice in my shawl, I used the design from the original pattern, and just did the same thing over and over again – practice practice practice!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your course journey, I’ve enjoyed it. Good luck with moving house – we just did it (I should be unpacking boxes right now!) And well done on being organised and doing your essay early, I am impressed!

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