KPC Module Four: Units 11-12

So, the final Wednesday night of this course has been and gone! I have thoroughly enjoyed the last three weeks of skills practice – being in a two, rather than a three, has given me so much insight into what a real counselling relationship could look like. On our final evening we were also given a proper counselling room, rather than a spare office, so it felt really real!

Thinking back to where I was a year ago, I can see I’ve come on quite a journey – a year ago I was beginning to emerge from a pretty dark place emotionally. I had just applied for the job which I finally started in February this year (yes, it took a long time!). I was beginning to contemplate applying for a place on this course, and was quite uncertain of the direction I wanted to go in. One year on, and the course is nearly complete, I’m enjoying my job, I’ve begun the Diploma course, and we’re about to move house. It certainly feels like I’m entering into a new phase, and it’s looking likely to be another exciting one!

Endings can be sad, but I’m very grateful for the people on my course who have been traveling alongside me – for listening, sharing, discussing, challenging, and learning together. While I’m looking forward to having my Wednesday evenings back, I am sad that this phase is reaching its conclusion, and I will very much miss being part of this special group of individuals. As a farewell gift to each of my classmates, I wanted to give each person a part of my shawl – so I’ve used the remaining yarn to crochet them all a friendship bracelet.

Crocheting is a new skill which I’ve learned this year and reminds me of the new skills we’ve all been learning.
The pattern reminds me of the net I knitted in Unit 7 representing my “replenishment network”, and I want to thank them for being part of mine this past year.
The bracelet is tied together with a knot as a wee reminder of the need each one of us has to take care of ourselves:

“Rest and self-care are so important. When you take time to replenish your spirit, it allows you to serve others from the overflow. You cannot serve from an empty vessel.” — Eleanor Brown

At times it has been difficult and challenging to complete my self-imposed knitting task – but the time I’ve spent making this shawl has been time to reflect, to learn new techniques, to be creative, to really think through what the lessons mean, and to work out how I can put them into practice. It’s been worth all the time and effort.

I won’t be doing a similar project while I’m doing the Diploma (although I might well get back into the habit of sharing what I’m creating with you from time to time – it may even involve more than knitting and crochet!), but I’m really glad I have this memento of a very special and important time in my life.

Thank you all for sharing the journey with me! I will definitely pop back and let you know how I get on tomorrow and if I’ve passed the course.

To bring my KPC project to an end, I chose to knit the final sections using each of the different colour yarns I’ve worked with over the last year, to remind me of the journey I’ve been on, and to bring this phase to an end.

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