Autumn light, playing in the park, and WIP Wednesday

1) The sun shimmers through the leaves of the tree bearing the first autumn colours, and the whole tree seems to glow in the sunlight. Later, the shyest of rainbows appears briefly, before disappearing from view.

2) M and I spin on the roundabout, feeling the breeze in our hair, and watching the world go round. Then we swing higher and higher, before slowing to look for cloud pictures in the evening sky.

3) Progress is being made on my two major projects of the moment, my Wendy Tank Top, and the Hitchhiker shawlette.  I’ve completed the ribbing on the tank now, and am on to the main part of the body.  In Hitchhiker news, I’ve completed 22 of the 42 points.  Sounds good?  In terms of number of stitches to complete the garment, I’m not nearly halfway through – the real half-way point lies somewhere between points 29 and 30.  Sigh!

In other knitty-type news, I’ve finally cast-on Autumn Project #2 – Pompom handwarmers (sorry no pics, but my camera battery died right after I took the pic of the Hitchhiker – you’re not missing much though – just 10 rows or so of a P2, K3, P2 rib).  I also spent Sunday afternoon making a snowflake bun cover for M to wear to ballet class… But you’ll need to wait until Friday to see that!

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