Found, opportunity, and dry.

1) After a fruitless search, spread over several days, I finally found the perfect yarn for the special Christmas project I have planned 🙂 .

2) As a parent, I take my kids to school each day and leave them there. Six hours later, I pick them up, and listen to what they care to tell me (and, from what I gather from other parents, my kids tell me quite a lot) about their day. But that’s just the bare bones of the things they recall. It doesn’t give much of a sense of what their day is really like.

The school are very good about having Open Afternoons, and other events where parents are invited in, but it’s not the same as just being there, observing what it’s really like on a day-by-day basis.

So, whenever I have the opportunity to be in school, as I did today, I take it and appreciate the time to just be there, and observe, and listen, and learn, and understand just a little bit more of what their school life is like.

3) The sky stayed blue (mostly) all day. The views across the valley were beautiful, and the river sparkled in the sunlight. I could even see the sunset earlier this evening. We had a lovely evening walk, meeting K on his way home from the station, and the air around us felt dry – not damp and misty. It didn’t rain all day 🙂 .

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