Fixed, wave, and not wet.

1) K arrived home and disappeared for a while. Later on, I noticed that the broken hinge on my lap top had been repaired 🙂 . Thanks K!

2) A cheery wave as a friend drives past in their car.

3) I had to take the car up to school this afternoon (I had to bring some heavy items home), and I was able to park very close to the entrance. Later on, when it was time to go home, I was doubly glad when the kids and I went out to discover a torrential downpour!

Dinner, easier, and light.

1) Dinner – mince cobbler, with mature cheddar cheese scones on top, was a huge hit with the whole family.

2) To get back to some knitting that I can relax with and really enjoy, after lots of days spent knitting fiddly tiny stitches!

3) The quality of light just before a storm, then the cooling rain after so many days of warmth.

Cycling, home again, and wet feet.

1) The kids went out bike-riding yesterday morning. Just after they left, it started to pour with rain. They stayed out though, for a good while longer, getting wet, but having fun.

2) My parents came back from holiday last night. I picked them up from the airport, and then we cooked dinner for them at their place. It’s lovely to have them home again!

3) The little girl submitted to having her shoes tied on for her. Afterwards, she went into the hall and promptly took them off again. Before anyone else realised she ran off outside straight onto the wet grass, in her socks.

Dry, walk, and space.

1) As we leave the house this morning I notice something strange about the pavements and roads – they are grey in colour, rather than black!  It takes me a moment to realise that this is because it hasn’t rained for long enough for the ground to become dry!!*

2) A walk in the Devilla Forest. We parked at the edge of the forest, walked in, round a pretty loch, and looped back round to the car. After a few initial complaints of sore legs, the kids settled in and enjoyed the walk as much as we did.

3) To take down the Christmas tree, and reclaim the space 🙂 .

* It didn’t stay that way for long, but it was nice while it lasted 🙂 .

Physio, umbrella, and staying in.

1) To finally start physio to resolve my neck and shoulder problem, and while I’m in more pain than usual tonight, I’m very grateful to have access to physio, and I feel that I’m finally on the road to healing 🙂 .

2) A was at Rotakids, so M and I walked home from school alone this afternoon. The expected grumbles about walking home in the rain, were much alleviated by a bright and beautiful rainbow, and the appearance of her Hello Kitty umbrella!

3) K sent a text, and then said he’d sent in his apologies. I had a warm shower, took some pain killers, and curled up on the sofa, while K went out to pick A up from Cubs. Thanks my love xxx

Found, opportunity, and dry.

1) After a fruitless search, spread over several days, I finally found the perfect yarn for the special Christmas project I have planned 🙂 .

2) As a parent, I take my kids to school each day and leave them there. Six hours later, I pick them up, and listen to what they care to tell me (and, from what I gather from other parents, my kids tell me quite a lot) about their day. But that’s just the bare bones of the things they recall. It doesn’t give much of a sense of what their day is really like.

The school are very good about having Open Afternoons, and other events where parents are invited in, but it’s not the same as just being there, observing what it’s really like on a day-by-day basis.

So, whenever I have the opportunity to be in school, as I did today, I take it and appreciate the time to just be there, and observe, and listen, and learn, and understand just a little bit more of what their school life is like.

3) The sky stayed blue (mostly) all day. The views across the valley were beautiful, and the river sparkled in the sunlight. I could even see the sunset earlier this evening. We had a lovely evening walk, meeting K on his way home from the station, and the air around us felt dry – not damp and misty. It didn’t rain all day 🙂 .

Dry, evening stroll, and good to be home.

1) Despite the threatening rainclouds, and occasional drops of rain, I walked to pick the kids up from school. I was glad I did, the rain held off, and we had a pleasant walk home.

1b) Today’s rainbow count: 2.

2) A starlit (if I looked beyond the streetlights) walk gave me time and space for reflection.

3) This evening’s meeting went well, but I was glad to get home for a cup of tea.

Wondering, found you! and hand-written.

1) In the fabric shop, I overhear the assistant saying to the customer ahead of me that she really must return and show off the garment she’s planning to make. She’s buying sparkly bits, and ribbons, and all sorts of other interesting bits and pieces.  I’d quite like to see it too 🙂 .

2) She suddenly spots me, partially hidden amongst the sea of umbrellas, and comes running.

3)  Sometimes hand-written shopping lists are just better than their electronic counterparts.

Shiny, company, and Monday night out.

1) Today has been a day of extremes… one moment the sky is shiny and bright, the next almost as black as night.  Then back to shiny and bright. But the sudden torrential downpours leave everything drenched, which then glisten in the sunlight and the contrast makes everything seem even brighter than before.

2) K works from home today, and the kids are at school.  It’s nice to have a lunchtime companion.

3) An unexpected evening out to look forward to – my friend is celebrating her 33.33333rd birthday 🙂 .