A few short minutes, all okay, and homework.

1) I took the long way home from school this morning and, as a result, walked back into the estate via the road… As I walked, I was passed by the patient transport ambulance, off to pick up the elderley lady further up the street to take her to daycare; the supermarket delivery van was the next to pass by, closely followed by the “my local farm” delivery van. Several cars went in and out, and finally a builder’s van – our neighbours a few doors down are having a new kitchen put in. And then I reached home.

2) The children work hard on their homework when we come home from school. M reads her story beautifully, then we work together to pull out the six main points. A has fun with alliterative sentences, practises his handwriting as he does his spelling, and then heads to the computer to do his maths homework – his homework is in his school account on Manga High, a maths game website, which looks heaps of fun!

3) We go round to a friend’s place this afternoon.  While the children play, my friend is trying to cook their dinner, and plan her new kitchen, which is being put in next week.  She’s very stressed and worried as she has realised that there might be a problem with one of the items she’s ordered. So we spend the better part of an hour measuring, and discussing, and looking things up. Eventually we work out that, even though it looks like the item she wants would be too big, it’s actually smaller than what she has already, so it’s all okay after all!