Discussion, omelette, and to bed.

1)  An interesting discussion with friends about juggling (and yes, we even tried proper juggling) and finding balance in our lives.

2) Our milkman has started delivering eggs as well as milk, and we’ve taken advantage of this. Lunch was a delicious ham, cheese and chesnut mushroom omelette.

3) Zumba tonight was hard work (I assume I was just more tired than normal), but the walk home was refreshing, and I’m off to bed now 🙂 .

Smiles, pieris, and zumba.

1) It was the P3 school assembly this morning. M was happy and excited, and smiled for the entire performance!

2) It’s the time of year when our “Flaming Silver” Pieris comes into its own, with its brilliant red and lime green foliage.

3) a) The point during my zumba class when I realised that I, at last, know most of the steps.

b) My zumba instructor wore black combat trousers. However, the pockets had been overstitched with bright yellow thread, and each pocket had a different coloured button on it.

Grass, chat, and catching-up.

1) A friend has just re-turfed her lawn, and happened to have some turf to spare. One piece of which just happened to fit exactly the piece of our grass which was ruined in the winter when someone fell on it… 🙂

2) To bump into a friend at the supermarket, and to stand and chat a while.

3) Going to zumba with a friend – we enjoy the chance to catch-up briefly in between dances.

Breakfast, teamwork, and zumba.

1) Tea and toast (and fruit juice). One of the best starts to the day 🙂 .

2) Both the kids wrapped up warm and went out to help K begin to shift the one cubic metre of play bark (delivered on Monday) from the front to the back garden. I made the dinner (and washed the dirty clothes afterwards!).

3) After weeks of not finding a time we were both available, my friend and I were both free the same week, and I gave in to persuasion and went to Zumba for the first time ever…  Twenty minutes in, I remember asking her how long the class lasted.  The answer was one hour.  Hmm.  The next time I looked at the clock however, it was thirty minutes later, and we were just about to start the cooling-off phase.  I found the class itself a lot of fun, and was pleasantly surprised by my aerobic fitness.  I have a feeling I’ll have a few achey muscles over the next couple of days though…