Blossom, it’s okay, and growing up.

1) A friend took me on one of her favourite walks this morning: “… and you should see this avenue when the trees are in blossom…”, she enthused, as she led me by a blossom-tree-lined avenue, just before the trees burst into flower. I’m very tempted to drive back over in a few days time, just to see the trees.

2)  Being able to reassure my dad that, contrary to what he’d heard (having been out of the UK for the last four days), the weather forecast was not for it to be 4degC tomorrow, but a sunny 12degC instead!

3) My wee boy is growing up, becoming a young man before my very eyes, but he still occasionally says or does things which amuse. Tonight one such conversation occurred and, while part of me would love to tell you about it, I’m not going to – occasionally he reads what I write here, and I would hate for him to feel embarrassed!

So instead, I’ll tell you about something he did. If you read my post yesterday, you will know that he carefully weeded one of the two raised vegetable beds. As soon as he got home from school this afternoon, with no further prompting from me, he went straight out (before he’d even had afternoon tea) and completely cleared the other one too!!  Well, I say completely, but really one tiny silver beet plant had struggled through from last year, and he left that, carefully surrounded by spikes (to stop the cats sitting on it).