Blossom, it’s okay, and growing up.

1) A friend took me on one of her favourite walks this morning: “… and you should see this avenue when the trees are in blossom…”, she enthused, as she led me by a blossom-tree-lined avenue, just before the trees burst into flower. I’m very tempted to drive back over in a few days time, just to see the trees.

2)  Being able to reassure my dad that, contrary to what he’d heard (having been out of the UK for the last four days), the weather forecast was not for it to be 4degC tomorrow, but a sunny 12degC instead!

3) My wee boy is growing up, becoming a young man before my very eyes, but he still occasionally says or does things which amuse. Tonight one such conversation occurred and, while part of me would love to tell you about it, I’m not going to – occasionally he reads what I write here, and I would hate for him to feel embarrassed!

So instead, I’ll tell you about something he did. If you read my post yesterday, you will know that he carefully weeded one of the two raised vegetable beds. As soon as he got home from school this afternoon, with no further prompting from me, he went straight out (before he’d even had afternoon tea) and completely cleared the other one too!!  Well, I say completely, but really one tiny silver beet plant had struggled through from last year, and he left that, carefully surrounded by spikes (to stop the cats sitting on it).

Crescent, duck pond, and syphon.

1) The merest sliver of a silvery crescent moon, framed by skies coloured with gentle peaches and lilacs and gold, greeted me when I opened the curtains this morning.

2) It was a cold, crisp, clear day, perfect for a walk in the park with a friend. The duck pond was mostly frozen over, but there was still a small patch of water, and the ducks had all congragated there.

3) K’s cunning syphon system is doing a great job of watering our Christmas tree… that said, it is drinking so much water at the moment, that it takes the watchful eyes of A, M and me to keep the water supply topped up!

I’m still here…

Hi there… I thought I’d better post to let you know that I haven’t vanished off the face of the Earth, or anything else untoward… life just got too busy.  Actually, it still is… but normal service will resume soon!  And I’ll be back with some update posts just as soon as I have time to write them.

Some beautiful things from today in the meantime:

1)  It’s been a beautiful autumn (until today, that is) – glorious sunshine, cold mornings disappearing into warm afternoons, clear views across the valley, the green around me becoming the vibrant reds, golds and russets of the autumn.

2) He’s tired this morning (he, being my friend’s little boy whom I have the pleasure of looking after for a few hours each week), so we sit on the sofa, and I read him some of A and M’s favourite stories.

3) The children are all playing happily in the next room.  We steal a few moments to go and sit down to chat, rather than hovering in the kitchen.

Timing, hard at work, and extra sleep.

1) The door bell rings before 9am. It is the postman with a parcel containing the yarn I ordered yesterday afternoon! The timing couldn’t have been more perfect, as I needed one of the new balls of yarn this afternoon.

2) While I iron, K takes the kids outside to do some gardening – they lift the decorative stones, dig up the dead roots of the tree which came down in the storms, replace the membrane, and plant 3 tiny new conifers.

3) I begin the day with a lie-in, and I begin the evening with a post-prandial nap – clearly the events of the past week have caught up with me, and I look forward to feeling all the better for the extra sleep!

Trees, one less trip, and growing up.

1) She gazes out of the window at the trees swaying gently in the wind and comments on the lovely colours of autumn.

2) K worked from home today, which meant I had several fewer taxi-runs to do 🙂 .

3) A appears wearing last year’s “winter pyjamas”. They are several centimetres too short. My little boy is growing up fast.

On her own, walking, technology-free.

1) She waited until her brother had gone elsewhere to play, and then calmly climbed to the top of the “big one” for the first time – she was ever so proud of herself! Here she is at the top…

2) I walked through the forest, along a path dappled with sunlight, a canopy of green leaves overhead, and a happy, enthusiastic child holding each hand.

3) I didn’t switch on the computer once today, until I came to write this post. Neither did I switch on the washing machine. It was good.

Happy girls, fresh paint and misty trees…

Popping on quickly this evening – I’m supposed to be “resting” on doctor’s orders (ended up back there this morning, but rest and time seem to be the only cure for this chest infection… ah well, only three weeks until Mum and Dad get back from holiday!).

On to more positive things:

1) A happy girl! She loved it, tried it on, and then kept it on for her Enjoy-a-ball class immediately afterwards – result!

2) A freshly painted room…

3) The mist shrouding the bare trees on the bank of the burn (stream) out back this evening – a bit eerie, but so peaceful and still.