Cuddles, seedlings, and Wednesday’s Works-in-Progress.

1) A sleepy-eyed small pink girl wanders through to my bedroom, climbs on top of me and snuggles up.

2) To go out to the garden and see rows of tiny seedlings poking their way up through the soil.

3) I’m loving the way my Stripey Lacy Scarf is knitting up! It’s so quick – in the picture, the first half is complete and is hanging down the back of the chair, and you can see the second half on the needles. A asked me how how I made the edges scalloped – it was fun to explain how it works, and now he wants to have a go!

My long term lacy scarf project is still on going (currently measuring 101cm) and I’ll post another pic next week. But for now, here’s my Sripey Lacy Scarf:

Summer Project #3 Stripey Lacy Scarf
I’m heading over to Tami’s Amis to check out some more of today’s Works-in-Progress…

4 thoughts on “Cuddles, seedlings, and Wednesday’s Works-in-Progress.

  1. I’m normally not a fan of anything with tans but this white and tan strip is very appealing. Very clean and fresh looking. I’m a big fan of the feather and fan. Just finished a scarf using that pattern awhile back, and now working on an afghan with it.

  2. The stripes played a trick on my eyes and made it look 3-D. I love the fan and feather, I just finished a blanket with fan and feather and the scallops make me happy!

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