Breakfast, blue sky, and thank you.

1) We had porridge for breakfast this morning and A remarked that it was much creamier than usual. I don’t know why this should be as I followed the recipe we normally use, but it vanished pretty quickly, so I’m certainly not complaining!

2) As we walked home through the rain we discussed a certain patch of blue sky, and wondered if it was heading our way.  It did indeed, and by the time we reached home it had stopped raining and the sun had come out.

3) To receive a lovely text message, and to know that my gifts had been appreciated 🙂 .

Inspired, compliment, and calm.

1) I discovered this morning that the pattern they used to make an A-line skirt in the Great British Sewing Bee is the very one I have earmarked for making a couple of summer skirts. I found the material I’d bought for that very purpose, and went out and bought the zippers and thread I need, so now I’m all set…

2) While I was saying good night to the kids, A suddenly pipes up with “that red top really suits you Mummy!” 🙂 .

3) K and I sat down for dinner, just the two of us. It’s ages since we last had time to do this – I have a real sense of life calming down a little.  (Probably the calm before the storm of May/June, right enough, but I’m enjoying it while it lasts!)

Happy, me and my boy, and evening light.

1)  The look on the kids’ faces when I pulled freshly baked rolls out of the oven for lunch. They were very happy!

2) M is away for the afternoon, so A and I have an afternoon together. We play Battleships, and chat, and later on we go out for a run. It was a fun way to spend an afternoon 🙂 .

3) Dinner is over, and it’s light and sunny outside. We head on out for an evening walk/cycle/scooter.  The longer lighter evenings are already making me feel full of energy and hope!

Callendar Park, projects, and good things.

1) We head out to Callendar Park for afternoon tea in the tearoom, which are now situated in the beauitful Morning Room of Callendar House. Enjoying the lovely room, we also had a lovely view out across the park and over into the woods beyond. Afterwards, we walk along the paths we saw from the window.

2) The kids are hard at work on their various projects this afternoon. M is making a painting-by-numbers dolphin picture, and A is building Big Ben from a Lego kit.

3) A and I make brioche, for tomorrow’s lunch. K and I poach a chicken and freeze the meat and stock, ready to be made into a pie for Tuesday’s dinner.  I make candied orange and lemon peel, ready for K and M to add to the hot cross buns they plan to make for afternoon tea. K makes us a delicious citrus drink from orange and lemon. I make an orange drizzle cake, for dessert tomorrow.

Black Loch, us time, and Good Friday.

1) After our drive last night, we are keen to go back and explore in the daylight… We discover the beautiful Black Loch (Limerigg), hidden in the hills behind Slamaanan, and enjoy a lovely walk along the lochside and on through the forest. A wrote a lovely description of our trip here – it comes complete with photos.

2) A and I crunch through the pristine snow, and talk about all sorts of interesting things. It was nice having some two-of-us time.

3) K and M make homemade hotcross buns, which we eat warm from the oven.  Their flour-paste crosses symbolic of another cross

Hard at work, snow evening, and making rope.

1) A’s class has an open afternoon at school today and I arrive to find him hard at work, creating a “Wanted” poster for William Wallace (for King Edward 1). Around the classroom are examples of the work they’ve been doing as they’ve learned about this section of Scottish history – it’s all excellent, and it’s really clear how much they’ve been enjoying it.

2) Throughout the day, it snows and melts and snows and melts and snows and melts… By evening, as the temperature drops, the snow begins to lie and we decide it would be foolish to risk taking A to Cubs, and K heads out on foot for his meeting. Five minutes later, I receive a phone call telling me that the meeting is cancelled. I call K on his mobile, and he returns home. I’m glad to have everyone home, safe, and out of the weather.

3) I need to make some rope (out of yarn) and find this article explaining how to do so. Realising that I need a reasonable amount of rope, K pulls out the power drill to assist with the twisting. It works beautifully – in a matter of mere moments, I have a length of beautiful homemade rope, which coordinates perfectly with my rock-climbing teddy’s outfit! (Check back for WIP Wednesday tomorrow if you want to see pics!)

Spotted, crisp, and safe.

1) To hear a flock of birds chirruping away to each other, and then to spot them high in the sky circling overhead.

2) Homemade potato wedges, hot, crisp, and fresh from the oven.

3) This evening the kids both prayed for that it would snow tomorrow. Then A suddenly added an addendum to his prayer: “please let it snow, but please keep everyone safe too.”.

Growing up, happy, and walking together.

1) He seems to be growing up so quickly at the moment, and not just in terms of physical height. I’m so proud of the caring and thoughtful young man he’s becoming, and the loving brother he already is.  Then he grabs his sister round the waist and lifts her up just to irritate her, and I remember that he’s only 9!

2) In a phone call, I hear that she’s barely taken her new dress off since she received it.  This makes me very very happy 🙂 .

3) We drop A off at Juniors, then the car at the station carpark so K can use it to run kids home after Powerpoint this evening, and then M and I walk home through the cool quiet evening, enjoying the sunset, the walk, the talk, the moon rise, and the stars coming out.

Frodo, Leona, and dancing exam.

1) Today was Character Dress-Up day at school for the kids, to celebrate yesterday’s World Book Day.  The children wanted to dress up as a character from their favourite book…  So, as A is a big fan of Lord of the Rings, he chose to dress up as Frodo…

Aidan as FrodoAidan as Frodo

M’s favourite series of books is The Rainbow Fairies, and she chose to go as one of the fairies from that series…

Megan as LeonaMegan as Leona the Unicorn Fairy

Megan as Leona the Unicorn Fairy

2) Normally, taking photos of the kids is a bit of a nightmare but, for once, I managed to get some rather nice shots of them having fun during the photoshoot..

Aidan and MeganFrodo and Leona

3) M sat (although that’s not really the right word in this instance!) her first dancing exam today! It seems to have gone well, but we won’t know the results for a couple of months. Somewhat to my suprise, I think I was at least as nervous as she was! Here she is all ready to go, not a hair out of place.

Megan - RAD exam (primary)Megan - RAD Primary GradeRAD Primary Grade examMegan before her RAD Primary Grade ballet exam

Mac’n’cheese, melon, and bendy.

1) A and M have discovered recently that they both like macaroni cheese (this from two kids who steadfastly refuse to put sauce on their pasta, preferring to eat it plain instead). This was a welcome thought as I planned dinner this evening 🙂 . The meal disappeared very quickly indeed!

2) I slice open a honeydew melon after dinner, and A (who refuses most fruit) requested a slice. We stood,  close to the kitchen sink (to catch the drips), savouring its juicy sweetness, and chatting.

3) Relaxing on the sofa beside me, M’s choice of position was legs bent, knees at her ears, and one arm wrapped around each leg.  Comfortable? Well, she certainly seemed to be!