Work-in-Progress 53

Today is Wednesday, which must mean that it is time for Work-in-Progress Wednesday, and Yarn Along…

After frogging some of my FLS (wow – that lace really does stretch, doesn’t it?!), I spent a chunk of time reknitting the bottom border, and need to reblock it again. Sigh.  In happier news, I’ve cast on for my first Clapotis!  I’m using King Cole Galaxy DK, in the colourway Jupiter.  It’s a lovely soft yarn, and fades from pale grey to black, with a hint of sparkle.  As you can see, I haven’t got too far yet but, hopefully, I’ll have made a bit more progress by next week!

IMG_0083And, for those interested, here it is with the book I’m currently reading…

IMG_0087For more of today’s Works-in-Progress, check out Tami’s Amis and Ginny’s Yarn Along


Extra time, parcel, and bedtime story.

1) My Mum picked up M from school this afternoon, and A was at Rotakids (after-school club), so I had an extra hour in my day 🙂 .

2) A parcel arrives, and it contains exactly what I was hoping for.

3) Listening to K reading a bedtime story to the kids – Charlie and Lola: I’m not sleepy and I will not go to bed. He personalises it to match what they are doing… Great hilarity ensues!

Tidied, walking in the sun, and reading.

1) The kids and I tidied the “Art Cupboard” (really the under-stair cupboard containing all the craft/art supplies, plus various items of kitchen paraphernalia, and the ironing board, vacuum cleaner, brooms and so forth). It was a fairly mammoth task, but we all felt good when it was done.

2) We walked to the library, enjoying the sunshine, after a day of heavy rain.

3) The kids had been arguing a fair bit today, but at the end of the day they both settled happily (and quietly!) into bed for silent reading time – both engrossed in their new library books 🙂 .

Changeable, grass, and book.

1) Clear starry skies, after a day which has alternated between sunshine and absolutely torrential rain.

2) The smell of freshly cut grass on a warm summer evening.

3) I remember to pick up the book A left at Grandma’s yesterday…  later on I find him engrossed in the story once again 🙂 .

Not quite rain, chorus, and time out.

1) The atmosphere is cool and damp with North Sea haar as we walk to school. “It’s a pale rain”, said M. I think her description of the almost-but-not-quite rain that we are experiencing is very apt.

2) As I work the back door is open, and I work to a chorus of birdsong.

3) I find a spare ten minutes to read my book. It’s valuable downtime, in an otherwise hectic day.

A busy week…

Wow! Well, so I knew that this last week would be a pretty busy one, but I hadn’t quite anticipated just how busy it would turn out to be… but it was all good 🙂 .

1) Between my normal parent help session with primary 7, attending a parent information session on Big Writing, helping out with the organisation of the annual Prize Draw with the Parents’ Association, and then a couple of long sessions helping at the Travelling Book Fair, I seemed to spend most of last week in the school! But it’s fascinating – I love the insights and understanding this gives me of school life, and how different each teacher’s style is, but mainly what my children are experiencing in all those hours they are away from me. And I’ve been very impressed with what I’ve seen 🙂 .

2) This weekend we celebrated my sister’s birthday, with a big family celebration last night. It was a fab night, and we all enjoyed catching up, especially with some family members we haven’t seen in ages… K and I made her a special birthday cake, which certainly contributed to the lack of blogging this week!

3) Yesterday A took part in a Boy’s Brigade Figure Marching competition – and his company came first 🙂 , and M had an Gymnastics exam, and attained her Level 3 certificate. So we’re extremely proud of them both 🙂 .

Picnic, trophy and peace

1) K manages to escape from work for an hour, and the four of us enjoy a picnic in The Meadows in Edinburgh. Definitely a repeatable experience!

2) A wins the trophy at Enjoy-a-ball this afternoon for being the quickest in the class to pick up the new sport (Hand ball).

3) During a few moments of peace, as the kids eat their tea, I take the opportunity to read a chapter of my book.

New book. baking and peace.

1) A package from Amazon – I daren’t open it, but I know what it contains… the book I’ve been waiting for for several years 🙂 .

2) I haven’t done much baking recently, but today I’ve made a lemon and blue poppyseed madeira cake, and one of my favourite slices from our stay in New Zealand – chocolate peppermint slice. The house smells full of good things.

3) Kids finally in bed. Candles. Music. Gnocchi, with a touch of parmesan. A glass of chilled white wine. No need to say more.