Smiles, pieris, and zumba.

1) It was the P3 school assembly this morning. M was happy and excited, and smiled for the entire performance!

2) It’s the time of year when our “Flaming Silver” Pieris comes into its own, with its brilliant red and lime green foliage.

3) a) The point during my zumba class when I realised that I, at last, know most of the steps.

b) My zumba instructor wore black combat trousers. However, the pockets had been overstitched with bright yellow thread, and each pocket had a different coloured button on it.

Cold, green, and dentist

1) It’s cold when we set out to walk, but we go anyway. On the way back, we walk into the biting wind, and through a couple of flurries of snow. Still it was good to be out in the fresh air, and we felt the better for the exercise :-).

2) I dusted off the leaves of two of my favourite plants this morning – they both look so much brighter and greener and happier now!

3) The trip to the dentist (for A, M, and I) was quick and straightforward. No problems, nothing to worry about, a cheery dentist, and we were all done and on our way in a matter of a mere fifteen minutes! 🙂

Stones, holding hands, and mystery.

1) The decorative stones at the front had been all messed up after the snowfall earlier this week.  A and M spent a few minutes tidying the lawn up and putting the stones back where they belong – it looks so much better now.

2) Sometimes A and M seem so grown up, especially when they are just chatting and discussing stuff.  But they still want to hold my hands as we walk home from school 🙂 .

3) A friend came round for dinner this evening, and brought a lovely plant as a gift.  At the moment it is just three green shoots – I wonder what they will become…

New growth, light, and perfect behaviour.

From yesterday:

1) On Monday I planted an amaryllis bulb…  A shoot has appeared already!

2) It’s 4pm, and I realise that it is still light.  We’re only a couple of weeks past the shortest day, but already the days can noticably longer. Spring is on the way 🙂 .

3) We stopped by the supermarket after school to pick up a couple of things. For once, the kids didn’t argue over who pushed the trolley, or wind each other up. In fact they behaved beautifully the whole way round.

Woodpecker, puzzle, and surgery.

From Tuesday:

1)  A beautiful spotted woodpecker graces the bird feeder – I momentarily wished for my camera, but then decided to just enjoy the spectacle instead.

2) M and I had lots of fun completing her jigsaw puzzle 🙂 .

3) As you saw from my post on Thursday, my umbrella tree was about to take over the dining room.  So we performed drastic action, and it now looks like this:

Sun, playing, and growing

1) For the sun to come out after several days of rain.

2) The kids were over-the-moon to visit their friends again – they’ve been away on holiday and we hadn’t seen them in over a month.

3a) So a couple of years ago, I showed you my little umbrella tree – I’ve had this plant since my university days, but it had got a bit unwell so we had to drastically cut it back. Since then, it’s gone from strength to strength – you can see how it looked last year here, and now just look at it – I think it’s about to take over the house or, at the very least, the dining room!

3b) To realise that, just a few short weeks ago, this beautiful fuschia was just a few dead-looking twigs…

Lazy, helpful, and sleep.

1) A lazy afternoon spent sitting on the deck in the sunshine, with friends – old and new.

2) Our acer was looking very thirsty this afternoon, and A volunteered to water it, and all the rest of the plants too 🙂 .

3) Swimming [✓], party [✓], trip to Glasgow [✓], barbecue [✓], food made [✓], children’s talk at church prepared and given [✓], Youth Group session prepared and run [✓], lunch for ten [✓], dinner for seven[✓], gardening [✓], tidy garage [✓], packed lunches made [✓], school bags ready [✓], school clothes out [✓]. That’s been my weekend! Time for bed 🙂 .

Azalea, purl, and good to hear.

1) My azalea has burst into glorious bloom recently:

2) M spies a flowerpot cover in my knitting book and asks if she could make one. Of the three options, she likes the easiest one the best (although that may be because it was the pink one!) – looks like I’ll be teaching her to purl soon.

3) At 2130 K says “Hope you’re ready for dinner…” – probably the sweetest sentence I’ve heard all day!

Azalea, seedlings, appreiciation

1) My azalea is in full bloom just now and looking glorious.

2) Tiny seedlings poke their heads above the ground, and our veggie patch is beginning to look rather populated.

3) K puts the kids to bed (normally a joint effort), and then cooks dinner (lamb curry), while I attend to necessary emails. Thanks my love! xxx

Sorted, strawberries and cake

1) A number of things I’ve been a little stressed about all sorted themselves out today – a big relief!

2) We bought some new strawberry plants today… the hope of things to come!

3) Vanilla madeira cake with cream cheese icing (and drizzled with caramel sauce and tablet crumbs for good measure), really worked – yum! Happy Birthday J!!