From the weekend

1) From Friday, Aidan exclaiming “I love swimming!” – oh the difference from a year ago!

2) From Saturday, K and I go out to dinner and to see Avatar – I can’t remember the last time we went out to a movie!

3) From Sunday, cinnamon rolls for breakfast.

Bed, breakfast and time

1) a whole night’s sleep! Megan didn’t come into my bed once last night, so I got seven hours uninterrupted sleep – wow!

2) hot porridge, apple juice and a steaming hot mug of tea, waiting for me on the table when I came downstairs this morning (as it is almost every weekday morning) – thank you K, I appreciate this more than I can ever express xxx

3) an unexpected 20 mins of uninterrupted time at home! This is an even rarer event than snatching an uninterrupted 20mins out on my own out somewhere 🙂 .