A busy day.

1) In the morning I met a friend for coffee – it’s been a while, and there was lots of talk about and catch up on.

2) In the afternoon, I went to school to run the Parent’s Association Spring Prize Draw – we’d been told to expect a few children to come and help us draw the tickets. The reality was slightly different – the “few children” was in fact the entire school! Over 500 excited children certainly made for a fun event!

3) In the evening, I met K in Edinburgh and we went out for dinner. After our yummy meal (of gourmet burgers!), a magician came by our table and gave us our very own magic show – he was really good! On the way home we went for a exploratory evening drive through the hills just south of where we live. A relaxed end to a busy day.

Baby, break, and sous-chef.

1) I get to cuddle the baby, while his mum goes upstairs to have a shower.

2) K is able to take a brief break from work this afternoon, and we walk up to school together to pick up the kids 🙂 .

3) M helps K make a fabulous chicken stir-fry for dinner this evening.  She does a super job of helping to chop the vegetables, proving herself an excellent sous-chef!

Spotted, crisp, and safe.

1) To hear a flock of birds chirruping away to each other, and then to spot them high in the sky circling overhead.

2) Homemade potato wedges, hot, crisp, and fresh from the oven.

3) This evening the kids both prayed for that it would snow tomorrow. Then A suddenly added an addendum to his prayer: “please let it snow, but please keep everyone safe too.”.

A lovely weekend.

1) Thanks to lovely grandparents, K and I escaped for a night away on our own on Saturday – a belated celebration of our anniversary.

2) We swam, and enjoyed the sauna. We had a lovely walk along the riverfront. We found a Mexican restaurant, and enjoyed a fabulous meal out.

3) On Sunday, after a riverside (with the comfort of a roof and plate glass windows separating us from the bitter weather) brunch, we spent a fascinating couple of hours at the Discovery Point museum. From there, we drove south to Loch Leven, and had afternoon tea in the Larder. Whilst there, there was a break in the weather, so we took ourselves out for a beautiful lochside walk, before heading on south and back to reality 🙂 .

From the weekend…

1) Daytime Saturday was one of those quieter days – we mostly stayed home, tidied up, talked, defrosted the freezer, did laundry, sorted through piles of mail. Nothing very exciting, but all contributing to make life a little smoother for the next few weeks. It felt good.

2) We went over to my parent’s for a curry on Saturday evening. A relaxed way to spend an evening 🙂 .

3) Mothering Sunday began with cinnamon toast, made by the children, for both me and my Mum 🙂 . Flowers, chocolates, bubbly, an afternoon nap, a delicious meal, and perfectly behaved children (mostly!).  It was a pretty good way to spend a Sunday!

Checking, pink, and comments.

1) Fifteen minutes before we were due to meet, my friend texted to check where we were meeting.  It was just as well she did, as she thought she was coming to mine, and I thought I was going to hers!

2) How could a dinner which is bright pink in colour, fail to bring a smile?  Baked beetroot risotto, with parmesan crisps. Yum!

3) Reading all the lovely comments on my WIP Wednesday post – they really made my day 🙂 .

Mac’n’cheese, melon, and bendy.

1) A and M have discovered recently that they both like macaroni cheese (this from two kids who steadfastly refuse to put sauce on their pasta, preferring to eat it plain instead). This was a welcome thought as I planned dinner this evening 🙂 . The meal disappeared very quickly indeed!

2) I slice open a honeydew melon after dinner, and A (who refuses most fruit) requested a slice. We stood,  close to the kitchen sink (to catch the drips), savouring its juicy sweetness, and chatting.

3) Relaxing on the sofa beside me, M’s choice of position was legs bent, knees at her ears, and one arm wrapped around each leg.  Comfortable? Well, she certainly seemed to be!

Long walk, girly dinner, and time to myself.

1) My friend and I went for a walk along the canal this morning. It was such a beautiful morning that we just sort of kept walking. And walking. Seven miles later I eventually arrived home.  Great start to the day!

2) With K in London, and A at Cubs, M and I sat down to what was probably the first ever girl’s only dinner we’ve shared. It was fun!

3) I got all my chores done early, and the kids went to sleep pretty quickly too, meaning I had a evening all to myself 🙂 .

Two of us, having fun, and emptying out.

1) To walk both my children home from school individually – A had an after-school club, so he finished later than normal and, as K was working upstairs, M was able to stay at home while I went back to the school. I really appreciate those one-on-one times, and it was lovely to chat to them both.

2) My brother came round this afternoon and took the kids to the park – A on his bike, M on her Fliker. They had a lot of fun!

3) We’re trying to empty out the freezer this week so tonight’s dinner was rice, with a choice of either beef casserole, or pork fillet stir fry.  Both were delicious, and all were satisfied 🙂 .