Transplanted, hot tea and comfort

1) We transplanted the acer to a new, larger pot – it’s looking much happier already, and seems to like its new, more spacious location!

2) I arrive home from a long, intense choir rehearsal, and there’s a cup of hot tea waiting for me when I walk through the door.

3) K and I debrief, make the kid’s packed lunches for tomorrow, then collapse in a lovely warm bed. The central heating is unnecessary, but the electric blankets still provide a comforting end to the day.

Choosing, sponaneity, and walking

1) We choose new plants for the garden – hebes and daisies and lots of yummy herbs… can’t wait to get them planted up!

2) The kids are staying with their grandparents tonight. On the way home from dropping them off, we decide to go out for a meal. It was lovely being able to just spontaneously go out and do something just because we felt like it!

3) A lovely long sunset walk along the canal towpath. The light, the hills, the clouds, the canal, and the sunset contribute to a pretty near perfect walk.

Meeting, Daffodil Tea and maple trees

1) A & M pop down to the park for ten minutes on their own – they come back happy and enthusiastic about the friends they met while they were there.

2) The “Daffodil Tea” – the primary one and two Easter concert at school – it was excellent and I was so proud of my wee girl!

3) Sitting looking out of the window, I see the buds forming on our Japanese Maple tree – a promise of what is to come.

Books, trees and safe.

1) Choosing some new library books – escapism awaits!

2) My erstwhile umbrella tree continues to delight me with it’s continued growth. I should take a couple of pics and compare its growth to last year…

3) I’m so thankful that all my QLD friends have escaped the flooding unscathed. My thoughts and prayers are with all those who have lost loved ones, homes and livelihoods.

Cast-on, playing, and cauliflower

1) I finally have the brain space and the time together at the same moment and cast-on for my next project.

2) Watching Megan and her little friend interact this afternoon – lovely.

3) The stand of ornamental kale at the garden centre – full of weird and wonderful plants (including one which looked just like a cauliflower!).

Time out, pretty plants and lovely children

1) A lovely, relaxing weekend away with my Mum 🙂 .

2) My new “Sparkler” cordyline.

3) Rearranging the potted plants in my front garden.

4) I discover that my camera is not lost after all – it was merely hiding in K’s rucksack.

5) Aidan says “I don’t want any more pocket money, Mummy – not until I’ve spent some of what I’ve already saved”!!

6) Megan behaves perfectly during my 1.5hr committee meeting this morning.

Snow-free flowers, chocolate cake, and that plant again

From yesterday:

1) I remember to put my pots of pretty, colourful, spring flowers in the garage against the probability of heavy snow (which hasn’t arrived yet!), which they would surely not survive.

2) Megan and I make chocolate cake. Megan decorates it. It was half gone in minutes 🙂 .

3) Still another new shoot, but from a different part of the plant this time!

Another new shoot, another beautiful sky and a new picture

1) And another baby shoot on my umbrella tree – it’s happy. I’m happy! I feel perhaps I should explain the significance of this particular plant – my sister gave it to me when I moved out of home for the first time. That was in, gulp, 1990. That means it is over 20 years old, and I’ve had it for a fair bit over half my own lifetime!

2) Beautiful sunset this evening, with the added drama of torrential rain and stormy skies simultaneously.

3) That parcel I didn’t have to wait in for the other day? It was a picture frame. K is putting it up on the wall as I type 🙂 .