Changeable, Christmas Fayre, and Finished Object Friday

1) The weather has shown us many faces today – we’ve had strong winds, skies so dark it seemed like night, freezing rain, sleet, hail, rainbows, calm blue skies, sunshine, and a beautiful sunset.

2) We stood, drinking coffee, and admired the school hall – transformed by an army of volunteers in readiness for the Christmas Fayre.

3) Everything I planned to make is finally complete in readiness for tomorrow’s Fayre, and for Megan’s school concert!

I don’t have any knitted Finished Objects for you today (although the hat is progressing), but I’ve made six mini-Christmas cakes, five Christmas Fruit Loaves, two batches of brownies (all for the school Christmas Fayre) and an elf outfit (Megan is to be an elf for her class concert). Do they count?

Six mini-Christmas cakes

Five Christmas Fruit Loaves

One very cute Christmas Elf

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Rainbow, parent’s day, and dinner.

1) Half of the sky was cloudy dark-grey, the other half blue, speckled with white. A few drops of rain drifted down, and in front of me was an intensely-coloured rainbow.

(Sadly the photo doesn’t do it justice, but I wanted to give you an impression…)

2) Parent’s day today at school. Both teachers almost seemed to be saying “why are you here? Your child is doing brilliantly well!!” – we’re very proud of Aidan and Megan tonight.

3) Tonight was a “raid-the-fridge” dinner. We ate delicious mushroom and marrow lasagne – yum.

Rainbow, fresh and special.

1) I glance out of the window, and there in the space between two houses is a rainbow.

2) After a sudden, torrential downpour, the air smells fresh and clean.

3) “It was precious time”, he said as they left. And he was right. The kids played, the adults chatted. A lovely afternoon 🙂 .

The Storm

1) I sit, warm and dry, listening as the rain pours down from the clouds. Pretty soon, torrents of water flood into the drains. The sound is lush and tropical.

2) The sound of that rain, once again brings memories of such gratitude – clear water to drink, rather than yellowish-brown water drawn out from the river.

3) As the storm eases, there’s that incredible quality of light as it reflects off storm-dark clouds. I go to the window to look more closely, and sure enough, arching over the sky opposite me is a perfect rainbow.

Rainbow, After Eight and a happy afternoon.

1) The skies today were full of dark, brooding clouds, biting winds, hail, sleet and rain. But when the storms were at their worst, somehow a rainbow graced the skies, – a beautiful reminder of the promise of a brighter times to come.

2) After Eight mint chocolates, cold from the fridge – a perfect after-dinner treat.

3) We walk, we talk, we drink tea. I can’t think of a pleasanter way to spend an afternoon.

Hope, simplicity, and unexpected beauty

1) Surprised once again by a rainbow, hazy in the clouds, it reminds me of the promise of Hope. The sky here is frequently graced by rainbows it seems, far more so than any other place I’ve lived, and I’m reminded of all the blessings I’ve received in the a-little-over-five years we’ve lived here.

2) The sound of sausages crackling and popping in the pan, as K cooks a simple supper to go with the bread I took out of the oven less than an hour ago…

3) Lovely, delicate pink flowers hide underneath the succulent, spiky green leaves of the cactus.