Autumn, three boys, and new needles.

1) We rounded the corner and were greeted by late afternoon autumn sunlight, reflecting on the russets, crimsons, golds and greens of leaves on the trees.

2) A came out of Rotakids happy and excited – he was the only boy in the club last year, and this year there are three :-).

3) Some new knitting needles arrived today – they are just as smooth and lovely to work with as I was hoping. I’m looking forward to knitting with them πŸ™‚ .

Meetings, notice, and not a taxi.

1) My week this week has been filled with meetings. Meetings: some busy, some stressful, but this morning’s was the most fun πŸ™‚ .

2) Tomorrow K leaves us for a week.Β  M wrote a note on the white board saying “Daddy going to Bangkok” with a sad face, and crying eyes πŸ™ .

3) As I head out the door for the {insert large number here, because I’ve lost count!}th time today, I mutter something to myself about feeling that all I was was a taxi service.Β  A actually overhead my mutterings and told me in no uncertain tones that I was not a taxi service, but that I was just a very kind mummy πŸ™‚ .

Experiment, happy, and thoughtful.

1) The apple-cinnamon cake wasn’t my most successful experiment (although I feel there is hope for the recipe with some tweaking…), but everyone enjoyed it anyway.

2) M talks non-stop all the way home from her first night at Juniors (Girls’ Brigade) – I think it’s safe to say that she enjoyed it.

3) I catch a lovely moment between the kids, as A arrives home from cycling club and asks M how she enjoyed her first evening at Juniors.

Looked after, climbing high, and spiral staircases.

1) I wasn’t well over the weekend, but my lovely husband and children have been looking after me, and I’m on the mend again now πŸ™‚ . Thank you all xx

2) Yesterday we visited Linlithgow Palace – it’s many many years since I was last there, and K and the kids had never been. We had lots of fun wandering round, and climbing up every tower as high as we could…

3) Today was a school holiday, so the kids and I went with Grandma to Blackness Castle, and then to South Queensferry for lunch. It was a fascinating visit, and I think we all learned lots of history. The kids both enjoyed walking along the ramparts pretending to shoot the invaders, running along the wooden pier out to the crane, and Aidan particularly enjoyed practising his “running up and down a spiral staircase” technique, even to the extent of running back up to the top of the tower we’d just descended just to count the steps*! Thanks Grandma xx

* There were 80, in case you were wondering!

FO Friday 48

It’s a bit of a different Finished Object from me today, and not one that I ever showed you in progress on a Wednesday, but here it is… a baby blanket with a difference.

The concept for this was borne in a tent in the little town of Uig, on the beautiful Isle of Skye last summer.Β  I taught K and the kids to knit, and everyone contributed at least one “square” to this blanket. Where possible we used recycled materials (although I do confess to buying two balls of yarn for the project).Β  I guess I should have taken more care to ensure similar weights of yarn were used, but I didn’t. I guess I should have ensured that everyone made squares approximately the same size, but I didn’t.

I guess you could call it a sort of sampler blanket – it includes some first ever attempts at knitting (by K and the kids), my first attempts at cables, and bobbles, and all sorts of other stitches. A complete variety of colours, and textures. It may not be perfect, but the result is a blanket where every square has its own story, and the whole family played a part in creating it.

I sewed it together, and backed it with soft blue fleece (leftover from the car back seat cover my friend made for me a couple of years ago).Β  We gave it to baby Peter for his first birthday earlier this week. It was supposed to be a “birth” present, but didn’t quite get finished in time!

Peter's blanketPeter’s Birthday Blanket

Peter's blanket keyPeter’s Birthday Blanket Key

A1 – made by Aidan. The blue stripes were leftover yarn from the pullover his Grandma knitted for him when he was little. The red was an eyelash yarn I had kicking around in my stash. He loved the textures.

A2 – made by me. Basketweave stitch, and knitted in the yarn I used to knit M’s Big Sister dress.

A3 – made by me. My first ever attempt at cables. Yarn was leftover from my Oddments knitting bag project.

A4 – made by me. My Buzzy Bee square.Β Yarn was leftover from my Oddments knitting bag project.

A5 – made by me. Shingle Stitch. Leftover yarn from Aidan’s pullover from Grandma.

B1-6 – made by me. All squares were knitted with yarn left over from my Oddments knitting bag project.

C1 – made by Megan. Her first ever piece of knitting πŸ™‚ . All garter stitch, but white and lilac stripes. The white was from my Georgia sweater, but the lilac came from Blossom, the first ever dress I knitted her.

C2 – made by me. Charcoal yarn from K’s Decoder Hat, and the purple from my Sahara sweater.

C3 – made by Keith. Bored with knitting rectangles the normal way he decided to knit one in the round, making up the pattern as he went along. Charcoal yarn from K’s Decoder Hat, and the purple from my Sahara sweater.

C4 – made by me. Caterpillar Stitch. Red yarn purchased specially for this project.

D1 – made by me. Log Cabin Blanket-style.Β Yarn left over from my Oddments knitting bag project.

D2 – made by me. Simple Grille pattern. The white was from my Georgia sweater, and the pink/purple was from the Flying Geese shawl that I knitted for K’s mum a couple of years ago.

D3Β  – made by Aidan. One of his earliest pieces of stocking stitch – and with four colour changes. Yarn purchased by himself – two colour variations of the same yarn – one purple, one red.

D4 – made by Keith. Experimenting with knits and perls to make patterns – counting 1-15 in binary, and three chevrons. White yarn from my String bag.

D5 – made by Keith. Vertical bar line stitch. Green yarn purchased specially for this project.

E1 – made by me. Little Pyramid Stitch. Yarn from my Wendy Tank Top.

E2 – made by me. Practising making bobbles! Yarn from my stash. I think I knitted a scarf for M from it once upon a long time ago!

E3 – made by Keith. Simple stocking stitch with garter stitch bands; white edge because there wasn’t enough green! White yarn from my String bag and the green yarn was from some little Hand Warmers I knitted some years ago for K’s sister.

E4 – made by me. A Mitred Square. Red yarn purchased specially for this project, grey yarn from my Oddments knitting bag project.

Happy Birthday Peter!

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Practise, drying, and buttermilk scones.

1) A has been practising his cycling diligently over the summer, and his practise sessions have definitely started to pay off – he was very happy with his performance at tonight’s cycling club race night!

2) The weather was warm and windy today, perfect for drying towels. So I washed them this morning.

3) When making scones, I’ve always used the recipe given to me by my Nana – it’s simple, easy and quick.Β  Tonight, when making cheese scones to top a mince cobbler for dinner, I substituted buttermilk for milk, and the result was awesome πŸ™‚ . I think I’ll be using buttermilk where possible from here on…

First day of school, 2013/2014

1) Summer holidays are over.Β  It’s been a lovely, busy, summer – lots of camping trips, time with friends, time relaxing and time working on our various projects.

2) It’s great to get back into routine again though :-).

3) Two happy children, all ready to start Primary 6 and Primary 4 (and growing up too quickly!) πŸ™‚

First day of school (2013)Aidan (10) and Megan (7)


Science experiment, lunch, and changes.

1) A and I went over to Grandpa and Grandma’s house to bake a cake. This was a scientific experiment – to test their oven and see if it was working correctly. We made a coffee cake (A’s current favourite), and I’m pleased to report that the oven is fine… and the cake was delicious!

2) Dad and I shared a bagel for lunch – poppyseed, topped with butter and Ardennes pΓ’tΓ©, with a glass of cold water, and followed by a slice of coffee cake. A light lunch, perfect for such a sunny day.

3) I finally reached the point in my knitting where I was able to try out the changes to my pattern that I’d envisaged several days ago as I lay awake one evening, unable to sleep in the heat. I had to make a few subtle changes to my idea, but on the whole I’m really pleased with how it looks.

Just us, supermarket trip, and fruit.

We’ve had a lovely weekend, filled with friends, family, gardening, barbeques, and general fun in the sun πŸ™‚ .

1) A and I had a morning to ourselves, with M off at camp for the morning. We ran some errands, shared morning tea at the garden centre, and had lots of time to chat.

2) A trip to the supermarket with both kids usually ends up in argument. Today it didn’t πŸ™‚ . M pushed the trolley, and I sent A off to various aisles to get specific items. It worked a treat.

3) A bowl of fruit – shiny red and green apples, sweet pears, yellow bananas, melon, grapes and strawberries.

Just enjoying, new shoes, and last one.

1) A and I sat together knitting, and watched the tennis. It was very companionable.

2) My old walking shoes finally died a death, with multiple holes and soles worn flat – they’ve walked many many miles in their time. Today, my new shoes arrived (found a really good deal online at the weekend)… They’re very comfortable, and I can’t wait to try them out properly πŸ™‚ .

Old shoesBefore

New shoesAfter

3) To make the last packed lunch of the school year. School is out for the summer on Friday lunchtime…