Special breakfast, social, and winners!

1) We had “special breakfast” this morning for the first time in ages. A veritable feast of freshly-cooked hot waffles, crispy bacon, and maple syrup. The perfect start to the day!

2) An afternoon with the youth group… making pizzas, and then playing games – remember the “chocolate game”? Roll a six, dress up in scarf, hat and gloves, then use a knife and fork to cut a bar of chocolate and eat it square by square…  That one. And many more :-). Awesome fun.

3) The team from 1st Polmont Boy’s Brigade won the Falkirk and District Battalion Junior Section Spiritual Trophy this afternoon…  my boy was part of that team. I’m a very proud mum today 🙂 .

IMG_1905Aidan and the trophy!

Meetings, notice, and not a taxi.

1) My week this week has been filled with meetings. Meetings: some busy, some stressful, but this morning’s was the most fun 🙂 .

2) Tomorrow K leaves us for a week.  M wrote a note on the white board saying “Daddy going to Bangkok” with a sad face, and crying eyes 🙁 .

3) As I head out the door for the {insert large number here, because I’ve lost count!}th time today, I mutter something to myself about feeling that all I was was a taxi service.  A actually overhead my mutterings and told me in no uncertain tones that I was not a taxi service, but that I was just a very kind mummy 🙂 .

Half-skating, sunset, and warmth.

1) I hear shouts of laughter and look round to notice two lads, with one pair of roller boots between the two of them, arm-in-arm, half-running, half-skating down the road.  They were clearly having lots of fun!

2) This evening’s sunset was beautiful. I especially love the dusk sky – a clear blue, with highlights of purple and pink and gold.

3) We put the winter-weight duvet on the bed yesterday. I am so looking forward to snuggling down into it again this evening 🙂 .