Barbeque, youth group, and friends.

From the weekend:

1) A late summer barbeque with friends, at the local country park. The weather held, the food was good, the company was fab, the scenery was lovely and all up it was just a really really nice day.

2) Our youth group went really well on Sunday morning – the kids were open, responsive and interested in what they were learning.

3) A family friend joined us for dinner at my parent’s place on Sunday evening. It was good.

Weekend catch-up.

From the weekend:

1) We celebrated Aidan’s 10th birthday (again) on Saturday with a barbecue, this time with a couple of other families. It was just exactly as we hoped it would be, and the weather was great. We all had a fab time.

2) The freezer died on Sunday (we have had two so it wasn’t a complete disaster), but there was something fun about liberating the contents and rehoming them. And we don’t have to make a trip to the supermarket for a few days!

3) The kids went to their first swimming lessons of the summer today (they both have one each day this week). Then, in the afternoon, M had a friend around to play, while A was out cycling with a friend, then golfing with Grandpa. I enjoyed a precious couple of hours of space – no questions, no demands. It was good 🙂 .

Another busy weekend…

Phew, well Holiday Club pretty much took over towards the end of last week. But here are some beautiful things from the last few days…

1) From Friday: at the end of a busy week, to sit down, share a meal, and catch up.

2) From Saturday: an evening filled with friends, fun, and laughter.

3) From Sunday: church barbecue in the sunshine, while the kids ran around and played.

Just a happy day…

1) Lunch out, just me and my Mum, sitting outside with the sun warming our backs.

2) An afternoon watching two exciting tennis matches, with the prospect of two more tomorrow afternoon 🙂  – GO Andy and Laura!!

3) An delicious barbecue, followed by a lovely evening walk in the countryside with the kids.

All up, a near-perfect Saturday…

A relaxed weekend.

1) It was K’s birthday on Friday – we celebrated by going camping for the weekend with friends. Once again, it only rained while we were in the tent 🙂 .

2) The campsite setting was beautiful, right at the foot of the slopes of Dumyat.

3) We camped, we barbecued, we walked, we talked, we enjoyed some bubbly, we ate cake.

Are these our kids? A lovely vista and a summer evening.

I seem to be a day out at the moment, but here’s yesterday’s 3BT…

1) We visited House of the Binns yesterday, and the tour guide managed to hold the children’s attention for the entire duration of a tour lasting over an hour. She was excellent, and the kids behaved so beautifully.

2) The view across the River Forth, with Blackness Castle in the foreground, and the Ochils in the background.

3) We sat on the deck, in the sunshine and warmth, sipping ice-cold G&T’s as the kids played in the garden with a friend and dinner cooked on the barbecue.

Barbecue, walking and staying open

From yesterday:

1) A barbecue at lunchtime, not spoiled by the cool weather, was yummy and fun. Good to catch up with lots of people.

2) I walk with M along wooded path. And as we walk, we practise counting in different languages (English, French, Spanish and Kiswahili), or composing new songs.

3) The cafe was closing as K approached, but they were kind and when the rest of us arrived, afternoon tea was waiting for us 🙂 .

Loud, relax, goodnight

1) Alone in the car, I play the music as loud as I like.

2) Friends come round. We chat, we eat (first barbecue of the year), we chat some more.

3) At bedtime, Megan said “I’m saying goodnight to you now Mummy, because I won’t be awake when you go to bed.”.

Off on holiday!

We’re off early tomorrow to spend a week on the lovely Isle of Mull – I’m really looking forward to a week of relaxation after the frantic-ness of the last couple of months!

1) The flowers peeking out from the barrel out front.

2) An unexpected bbq with friends.

3) An hour of shopping all by myself.