I’ve got a good excuse this time for the lack of posts… the title says it all 🙁 .

I woke up last Thursday with a really painful elbow (thankfully it’s my left elbow!). Took anti-inflammatories and hoped it would be better by the next day. It wasn’t. Saw my GP on Friday afternoon expecting at the most to be sent home with strong painkillers and antibiotics. Instead I was sent directly to A&E.

Six hours after arrival at the hospital – yes, the process really took that long – I was admitted with cellulitis of the elbow and started on antibiotics. And, I’d probably better clear this one up straight away – I didn’t “do” anything to cause this. It just happens – sometimes something as simple as an insect bite, or a graze you weren’t aware you had (which is what I suspect was the problem in my case) can allow ordinary bacteria to get in to the connective tissue underneath the skin and cause a nasty infection.

I was started with IV antibiotics on Friday night, but unfortunately had a reaction (came out in blotches!!) to one of them, so they had to switch me to something else. The remainder of my weekend passed by with periods of dizziness and nausea, and watching the redness and swelling gradually spread along my arm. Not a few days I’d especially like to repeat, thank you very much!

By Monday I was feeling much better in myself, but the infection had nearly reached my wrist. It took until Wednesday before the drs felt things were sufficiently under control to allow me to come back home – albeit with ten days worth of oral antibiotics and an extremely snazzy black sling (to rest my arm and help keep it elevated as much as possible). I still have some pain in my elbow, and I’m pretty tired, but I think… I hope I’m getting better.

It was an interesting experience, being in hospital. I met some lovely people, and some not-so-lovely, people…! The food wasn’t great – I certainly wasn’t the only one with a wonderful husband (/relative/friend) who brought in proper hot meals, to be heated in the ward kitchen!! But the care I received was excellent, and that really was the important thing.

And I will never forget my second night… hearing the patient opposite me imperiously demanding “an enema, so that I don’t have to strain…”!!!