Contrasts, surprise and baking.

1) The view across the Forth Valley was stunning today – on my way into town, the skies were clear blue, and the Ochils were bathed in sunlight. Coming home an hour later, it was pitch-black, and the valley was speckled with orange lights.

2) Her breath caught when she espied the surprise I made for her. Then she flung her arms around me and whispered “thank you very much, Mummy!”.

3) Today I have baked. And baked. It’s the school Christmas Fayre on Saturday, hence the baking. I was going to make Grandma Conway’s Sultana cake as the basis for some mini-Christmas cakes, but today I wanted to make it a little more seasonal, so I added a mixture of sultanas, raisins, mixed peel and cranberries. I’m really happy with the result!

More time, not cold, and WIP Wednesday

1) I found the item I was looking for at the local retail park, meaning I could cancel the thirty mile round trip to a different town that I would have had to make otherwise.

2) Despite the dull grey, I realise it’s not as cold as I’d feared, after all.

3) I’ve started working on some of my Christmas projects – this one is destined to be a hat, knitted with a basket-weave pattern, and in the most gorgeous shade of kingfisher blue. I’m loving it already!