Looked after, hot tea, and cheery

1) I succumbed to a virus last night, and couldn’t get out of bed this morning. Thankfully the cavalry, in the form of my husband and my Mum, picked up the slack, looked after me and brought the kids to and from school. Thank you both!

2) By the end of the day, I was feeling well enough to be able to enjoy a cup of hot tea once again.

3) From my sofa, I listen to the wind howl and bluster, and gusts of sleety rain hit the window. But inside I am warm and dry, and through the blind, I can see the flicker of bright, cheery Christmas lights.

Rainbow, cake, and easier.

From Monday:

1) Up ahead, the sky is relatively blue with only a few clouds. So I was a little surprised to see a delicate wisp of a rainbow tracing its way across the sky.

2) The house is filled with the warm spicy aroma of Christmas cake baking in the oven.

3) M is invited to join A’s Enjoyaball class, as it’s a games session. This not only makes life easier today (I’d endured an afternoon of continual arguing), but makes life easier tomorrow too, as she needn’t go to her own class.

Brunch, tree, and decorations

From Sunday:

1) We’d stayed overnight with one of K’s colleagues after the party last night. His wife makes us brunch of crepes, freshly sliced bananas and maple syrup – yum!

2) Our plan for the afternoon included buying our Christmas tree – we discover that they are giving away the trees (for a donation) that were used at the church Christmas Tree festival. There was one which was just perfect for us, so we take it home 🙂 .

3) Putting up our Christmas decorations (never quite as unstressful as we imagine, but good fun nevertheless):

Music, the other way, and not too loud.

From Saturday:

1) We join some friends to take our children to the Children’s Classic Concert Christmas performance at the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow. It was such fun!

2) To stand at the top of the hill, looking down Buchanan Street, a heaving sea of people from one end to the other – and then to get on the train to go in the opposite direction!

3) K’s work Christmas ceilidh – we had such a lovely evening. The music during dinner was just the right volume to allow conversation across the whole table – I haven’t laughed so much in ages.

Feeling better, Christmas Fayre, the evening after.

From Saturday:

1) I woke at 5am on Friday feeling awful – exactly like a tummy bug, but (very thankfully) without the sickness. But I ached, and couldn’t drink or eat, and I felt utterly exhausted and dizzy. On Saturday afternoon, almost as quickly as it started, I suddenly started to feel better.

2) The school Christmas Fayre was a hit – hundreds of people, crazy few hours, lots of fun and all my baking (and everyone else’s for that matter) disappeared.

3) My Dad cooked one of my all-time favourite meals for dinner last night. It tasted delicious. Then we watched The Choir together – extremely moving series about a choir comprised of military wives. Well worth watching.

Changeable, Christmas Fayre, and Finished Object Friday

1) The weather has shown us many faces today – we’ve had strong winds, skies so dark it seemed like night, freezing rain, sleet, hail, rainbows, calm blue skies, sunshine, and a beautiful sunset.

2) We stood, drinking coffee, and admired the school hall – transformed by an army of volunteers in readiness for the Christmas Fayre.

3) Everything I planned to make is finally complete in readiness for tomorrow’s Fayre, and for Megan’s school concert!

I don’t have any knitted Finished Objects for you today (although the hat is progressing), but I’ve made six mini-Christmas cakes, five Christmas Fruit Loaves, two batches of brownies (all for the school Christmas Fayre) and an elf outfit (Megan is to be an elf for her class concert). Do they count?

Six mini-Christmas cakes

Five Christmas Fruit Loaves

One very cute Christmas Elf

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