Loved, geography, and plum chutney.

1) I’m feeling tired and a bit drained after a busy morning, including a trip to the airport to drop K off, and I’ve developed a headache.  The kids take care of me though, sending me off to lie down and bringing me a cool pack to put over my eyes. I feel very loved.

2) Teaching the kids geography as we track K’s flight across the world. We spend time pouring over maps, figuring out which countries are where, and K’s possible flight path.

3) With gifts of plums from my Dad and from a friend, I spend the afternoon transforming 3.5kg of plums into plum chutney.  I use the recipe from the Edmonds Cookbook – an NZ cookbook that “every kiwi bride needs”, or so I was told when I was given it on my marriage to K!

Sweet, Morning tea with Mum, Finally an FO!

1) Punnets of sweet juicy plums for only 25p! I snaffle seven punnets, and see more plum chutney in the near future.

2) We share a scone slathered with butter and jam.

3) Finally a Finished Object. The yarn I used for this wee bag is too heavyweight, but it’s a good proof of concept. Not that Megan cares – she loves it!

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Fresh, plums and cuddles

1) Despite this morning’s shower (resulting in a mad dash to get the laundry in), my laundry is fluttering in the sunshine, nearly dry and smelling fresh.

2) 2kg of plums from Dad’s tree, bubbling lusciously away, transforming into plum chutney.

3) Cuddles from my little girl.

Sky, apple chutney and Aidan

1) K sends me the link to this – for someone who loves the sky in all its moods, this is one to watch.

2)Opening a new jar of home made apple chutney at lunchtime and having some on my wrap – delicious!

3) Went to Aidan’s Anchor Boy’s display this evening – so proud of him.