Six minutes, walk, and fairy lights.

1) I turned up for my appointment one minute early, was called in two minutes late, spent approximately three minutes in there, and was out of the door six minutes after I arrived!

2) The weather and timing coincided, and we managed to get out for a lovely long walk in the winter sunshine. The chat was good too 🙂 .

3) In the corner of the room, I have a vase of chocolate brown twigs with fairy lights wound around the stems. Unfortunately some of the LEDs have failed, and K (my resident expert in such matters) tells me that they can’t be replaced.  I go out to look for a replacement, and find myself quite taken with some creamy orchid stems.  On their own, I didn’t like them so much, but I reaaranged them with my old twigs, and now I have an pretty arrangement of browns and creams and lights to brighten that corner of the room.

Quotes, quotes, and fairy lights.

1) M, this morning: “I haven’t had enough cuddles from you yet today…”. A statement to which there can only be one response 🙂 .

2) A, this evening, having chosen to join K and I for dinner, rather than eating earlier when M did before she went out: “It was worth waiting to eat with you, even though it’s so much later than normal…”. (Dinner this evening was K’s yummy pork stir-fry.)

3) K installs the new fairy lights in the lounge. Then installs a button on the computer to allow me to switch them off and on at will.

Focaccia, new bedroom and fairy lights

I’m looking forward to weekends not always being quite so busy!

1) Homemade soup with homemade focaccia bread for lunch.

2) The kids love their new bedroom – all the sanding, painting, packing, furniture moving and cleaning has been worth it. (You don’t want to see the rest of the house, but I think K and I might just find our bed somewhere under the carnage! We put the carpet-fitters off until next week, meaning we can get the new office-cum-guest bedroom sanded and painted…)

3) Fairy lights. I got some twigs with fairy lights in them a few weeks ago, and now they reside in the corner of the lounge 🙂 .