Finished Object Friday 40

I have a few FO’s to show you today, so let’s get to it!

First up, here’s my completed Folie Hitchhiker. Knitted with Sublime Yarns Lustrous Extra Fine Merino DK, colourway Folie, on 4mm needles.  I’m really pleased with how this turned out, but it is definitely considerably bigger than mine (knitted in 4ply). Should be plenty snuggly and warm though 🙂 .

Folie Hitchhiker - complete Folie HitchhikerFolie Hitchhiker

Secondly, I was knitting a Niemeyer a while back, from King Cole Bamboo Cotton Solids, in black, on 5mm needles.  This was a lovely yarn to knit with, and I really like the result!

Black Bamboo Niemeyer - complete Black Bamboo Niemeyer Black Bamboo Niemeyer

Finally, in non-knitting news, I completed my messenger bag 🙂 .

Messenger BagMessenger Bag

That’s it from me today, why not check out some more of today’s FO’s over at Tami’s Amis?



Finished Object Friday 39

I’m so happy to be able to show you the completed Rock Climber Teddy – here she is in all her glory…

Rock Climber Teddy

Rock Climber helmetRock Climber reverse
Rock Climber faceRock Climber shoes
Rock Climber Teddy


M has requested that I make her a ballerina teddy, so I plan to use this as an excuse to continue my attempt to make knitting this teddy a quicker knit in the round. Specifically, I’d like to make the body have raglan sleeves, so I don’t have to stitch the arms on separately.  I’ll keep you posted!

That’s it from me today, but do check out Tami’s Amis for more of today’s Finished Objects…



Finished Object Friday 38

The first Big Sister dress took me just over two months to knit. The second, a mere eight days!

It’s knitted in the round, on 3.5mm needles, in King Cole Merino Blend 4 ply (superwash). Colourways: scarlet, white and silver. The buttons are actually little ladybirds. Once again, M kindly agreed to model it for me (and did a super job, considering it was freezing cold outside!):

Red Big Sister Dress - close up Red Big Sister Dress complete Red Big Sister dressSP Project 5: Red Big Sister Dress

I’m so pleased with the way this project turned out, and extremely surprised that I managed to knock it out in just over a week.  But it was worth it – it went north yesterday to its intended recipient. Judging by the photos I was sent, she looked pretty happy with it 🙂 .

That’s it from me today, but do check out Tami’s Amis for more of today’s Finished Objects…



Finished Object Friday 37

Last week I promised to show you some of my FO’s from my Small Person Project

First up, one of my god-daughters will be having a minor operation soon, and her parents have been warned to expect the pain to be at its worst 3-5 days post-op.  So I thought I would make a few wee things that may help distract her during those days.  Last time she came, she loved snuggling up with my Jupiter Clapotis, so I thought I would make her her very own sparkly scarf (minus the holes that small fingers would catch on easily)…

Isla's sparkly scarfSP Project #2: Sparkly Scarf

And I came across this little sparkly party bag that I knitted a year ago, so I finished it up too.  I’m going to put a bead necklace (she loves beads!) inside.

Sparkly party bagSparkly Party Bag

SP Project #4 Sparkly Party Bag

And finally, back to one of the requests which triggered this project in the first place… A cardi made from the same yarn as my Jupiter Clapotis. I’m really pleased with the result, and I particularly like how the feather and fan pattern combined with the varigated yarn produces these lovely wavy lines!

I gave it to the recipient a few days ago, and she seemed delighted with it 🙂 .

Jupiter Hug Me - feather and fan pattern Jupiter Hug Me - front view Jupiter Hug Me - back viewSP Project #3: Jupiter Hug Me

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Finished Object Friday 36

I’ve decided that Finished Objects are a bit like buses…  you know the way, you wait for ages for one, and then three come along at once!  I’ve actually got quite a few FO’s to show you, so I’ve decided to split them between this week and next.  This week will be the stuff I’ve been knitting for me, and next week the FO’s from my SP Project.

So first up, here are the One Cable Mitts I knitted for myself. They’re knitted in Rico Design Essentials Soft Merino Aran, on 5.5mm needles.  As you can probably see, I’m not modelling them – I wonder if I’ll get them back from K…?!  Seriously though, they are lovely and snug, if a little on the big side.

Charcoal One Cable MittsCharcoal One Cable Mitts

Secondly, here’s my ZigZag Moebius Cowl… and I’m loving it.  It’s been keeping me toasty warm already!  Knitted in Fyberspates Scrumptious DK.

Charcoal Zigzag Moebius CowlClose-up for Zigzag moebius cowlZigzag Moebius Cowl in Scrumptious

And finally, my Jupiter Clapotis…  Knitted in King Cole Galaxy DK, in the Jupiter colourway. I am so happy with how this turned out. Like my moebius cowl, it’s already been worn several times 🙂 .

Jupiter Clapotis Finished Jupiter Clapotis Jupiter Clapotis

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Finished Object Friday 35

It’s time for Finished Object Friday again, and I still can’t show you my Jupiter Clapotis, because I still haven’t had time to block it! However, I can show you the little teddy bear I was working on on Wednesday for my Small Person Project…  Here she is:

SP Project 1 - purple teddy bearSP Project 1 - Purple bear

The small person on the receiving end was delighted! And predictably, there were a number of requests for similar items from some of the other SP’s…

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Finished Object Friday 34

I finished knitting these fingerless mitts (for a friend) last week, and I’m pretty happy with them. Isn’t it a lovely pattern? They’re so lovely and warm and I was so tempted to keep them that I’m seriously contemplating knitting myself a pair.

They’re knitted in Rico Design Essentials Soft Merino Aran, in the colourway Ocean.

IMG_0180That’s it from me this week, but I’m really excited that I should be able to show you my Clapotis next week (if I can figure out how to block something that big) – it’s not quite OTN yet, but should be soon…

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Finished Object Friday 33

I’m really pleased to be able to show you not just one, but two Finished Objects today 🙂 .

First up, I’m delighted with my February Lady Sweater.  I really love the design of this sweater, and it was so easy to knit. As you will see I decided to make a short-sleeved version this time, but I do have vague thoughts about potentially making another long-sleeved version for next winter… we’ll see.

It’s knitted in Sublime Cashemere Merino Silk, in aran weight.

FLSFLS: buttonsCarolyn’s FLS

My second FO is one I am less happy with – it’s too big around the bust area and  I’m entirely sure what to do about it just at the moment. Where I’ve already worn my FLS several times, I’m not altogether sure about this top, certainly not with the white top underneath it!

Wendy Tank TopWendy Tank Top

That’s it from me for today, but check out some more of today’s Finished Objects over at Tami’s blogFOfriday

Finished Object Friday 31

It’s Friday again, and I have one Finished Object to tell you about, and one to show you!

The one I’m most excited about is my February Lady Sweater.  I actually cast it off late last night, so now it needs carefully blocked (my reading suggests that it will grow and grow…), and I need to choose some buttons for it before I can show it to you.  So far I’m super-happy with the result!

My other FO is Megan’s Red Sparkly Cardi – she consented to model it for me to take pictures this morning (I do apologise however – it’s winter in Scotland, and the sun doesn’t get particularly high above the horizon at this time of year.  One of my plans for this year is to find a better solution for photographing my knitting projects…).

IMG_0044  IMG_0041

IMG_0043 Megan’s Red Sparkly Cardi

(Click on any of the pics to see them properly.)

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