Catch-up, all done, and to bed.

1) We stood in the sunshine and chatted – I haven’t seen herproperly in months.  After an hour we realised that we probably should have gone to the cafe, and caught up in comfort.  But we hadn’t, and I had enjoyed the sunshine, and we arrange to meet for coffee sometime soon.

2) I spend the day doing admin.. Not the most exciting, but it means it is done.  (As K says, why is it that writing the “Minutes” always takes hours??)

3) A cool fresh breeze cools my hot skin – and the promise of cool sheets, and a comfy bed await, after a busy evening.

Fundraising, family fun, and sunset.

1) Some friends of mine are taking part in Maggie’s Monster Bike & Hike in a few weeks time. They held a fundraising coffee morning today – such a wonderful atmosphere, and so much generosity from everyone who came – and raised over £700 towards their total, which will go towards supporting the work Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centres do.

2) A quiet family afternoon… we played Frustration, and then had lots of fun introducing the kids to Twister!

3) Today’s sunset was glorious in all its phases. Blue sky faded out through mauves and lilacs, into pinks and greys, and finally into deepest indigo, and black with silvery stars.